T.E.A.M.: Teens Engaged in Active Ministry! 

I have always been one to aim high.  To dream big, have lofty goals.  That mindset has definitely found its way into the philosophy and driving force of my ministry.  Early on, I wanted to focus my physical and spiritual energy into something huge!  Anyone can take their young people bowling or mini-golfing (we do that).  It’s fun to come up with an original or creative activity (we have our annual Goofy Olympics and Video Scavenger Hunts).  My heart’s desire is to help young people walk with God and, in their walk, serve!

One of the best things I did before going into the ministry was a missions trip to the Philippines.  It gave me a whole new perspective on missions.  Plus, it helped me form my youth ministry philosophy.  In the Philippines, we helped two churches, both Pastored by nationals.  One in the middle of one of the world’s most populated cities and another in a much more rural area.  Like here, the big city people are quite different from the people who live out in the “boonies”.  There was one similarity that stood out: the young people were in the forefront of pretty much everything the church did.  From setting up and cleaning up, to knocking doors, to singing in the choir, they were everywhere.  The best way I can describe it is to call them the backbone of their churches.  I thought, “There’s no reason American kids can’t be the same way!”  This has driven my praying and preaching.  They should serve.  Now!  They are not just the future of the church.  They must be the NOW of the church.  They can and should be Engaged in Active Ministry!

Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of fun in our youth group.  Teens who visit us from other fundamental youth groups are sometimes shocked by how much laughter and joy they find in our youth meetings.  We hold activities that are for the sole purpose of having clean fun and great fellowship.  But that’s the easy stuff.  You should see my teens knock doors.  You should hear them sing.  You should watch them help a church planter in the Los Angeles area or a missionary out in the Alaskan “bush”.  You should write down their thoughtful outlines as they preach.  They’re pretty awesome.

Because they serve.


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