Secretary of State


II Cor. 5:20 “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ…”

It looks like Hillary will be the next Secretary of State, the highest ranking secretary in the President’s cabinet (and fourth in line to the Presidency, to boot!).  Her first concern will be foreign relations (well, actually that will be a close second to her bid for the Presidency in 2016).  In a nutshell, the Secretary of State is the nation’s top diplomat, a super-duper ambassador to the world.  She will represent the President, and, thus, the United States of America.  Strange that Obama would chose Hillary Clinton to represent him.  Isn’t this the same lady woman that first brought our attention to Obama’s propensity for “palling around with terrorists”?  Has he forgotten her scathing criticism of his foundational political beliefs?  What happened to being ready on the first day?  It was an ugly campaign for the Democratic nomination because they were not in agreement on a number of things.

Consider our incumbent Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice.  A brilliant woman, and a true conservative.  She has been fiercely loyal to the President and definitely shares in his core values.  Rice has been a great Secretary of State.  She has represented her President well.


In order for someone to be a decent ambassador, they must understand the one they are representing.  The most effective ambassadors will not just have a working knowledge of policies, but a genuine agreement with those policies.  Most Christians are not very good ambassadors for Christ.  Firstly, because they haven’t gotten to know their Saviour.  They spend very little time with Him outside of church.  There’s no true fellowship.  Secondly, there are Christians that have knowledge that has puffed them up.  They can win a Bible Trivia contest, but don’t live its principles.

What a privilege it would have been to represent George W. Bush.  I believe he is a good man and has been a good president (I’ll post more thoughts on this some other time).  It would be easy for me to defend his policies and his person.  Now, Barack Obama would be a different story.  I would defend his office, but definitely not his policies.  Our God is a great God.  He deserves our loyalty.  He deserves good ambassadors, fiercely loyal and in genuine agreement with His Word.

Don’t represent Christ the same way you would represent Barack Obama.


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  1. princecharlesofperadale on

    wow… That’s awesome Jay. I really miss your preaching. I’m gonna have to come visit again sometime soon. I like the whole “lady” thing. Ha ha. Representing Christ is something I know that I, along with many other people, struggle with on a daily basis… thanks again. adios. — (none other than) THE Ang

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