Cali Que

That would be ‘que, as in BBQ  (be honest, how many of my hispanic friends thought que, as in “what?”).  California is known for many things: great weather, beautiful beaches, and your 2007 AFC West Champions, the San Diego Super Chargers.  BBQ… not so much (for clarification, please read my thoughts on “All American BBQ“).  As we press on through this blog, I’ll eventually get to more detailed restaurant reviews.  For now, here are three important lists (this is based on the overall BBQ Joint experience-meat, sauce, and side dishes):


BEST I’VE HAD ‘ROUND THESE PARTS (from excellent to very good):

1.  It’s In the Sauce BBQ (Ventura/West Hills)

2.  BBQ King (downtown L.A.)

3.  Famous Dave’s (this nationwide chain has just fairly recently come to California; I think they’ve still got some kinks to work out, as I haven’t had quite the same experience with them as I have out of state {Minnesota, Oklahoma and Michigan})

4.  Robin’s BBQ (Pasadena)

5.  Johnny Rebs Southern Roadhouse (Long Beach)

MEH… (not awful, I guess):

1.  Lucille’s (Brea/Rancho Cucamonga)

2.  Mo’s Smokehouse (Pismo Beach)

3.  Memphis Minnie’s (San Francisco)

4.  The Pig (Los Angeles)

5.  Armadillo Willy’s BBQ (Sacramento)

AVOID LIKE LEPROSY (These should cry out, “Unclean! Unclean!”)

1.  Red Hill BBQ (Rancho Cucamonga)

2.  Joey’s BBQ (Pomona/Upland)

3.  Dr. Hogly Wogly’s (Van Nuys)


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  1. […] BBQthDirector heartily recommends this place.  I’ll definitely have to update my Top 5 list of California BBQ […]

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