Optimistic or Retarded?


Last Sunday, my Pastor gave me a hard time about my Chargers right before the evening service.  He just had to point out that my 2007 AFC West Champion San Diego Super Chargers have the same record as his lowly San Francisco 49ers.  That reality really hurt to the very depths of my soul.  I had to dig deep to find the strength to press on and lead the congregation in worshipful singing.  I told Pastor that I had officially given up on the season and was hoping the Chargers would lose the rest of their games to finish 4-12 and “earn” a high draft pick.  But then I did something I usually hate… math!

If the Chargers win the rest of their games, they finish 8-8 (they have the Raiders, Chiefs, Bucs and Broncos left).  The Broncos have got it tough.  They’ll probably stomp the Chiefs at home (but, who knows, they got killed by the Raiders just a couple weeks ago), but then they have to go to Carolina, take on Buffalo, then have to deal with the Chargers in San Diego.  Denver loses three out of their last four and also finish 8-8.  The Chargers would have the divisional record tie breaker and–shabam!–we’re in the playoffs, where we ride the wave of momentum right into the Super Bowl!  See, math can be fun!

Am I optimistic… or retarded?


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  3. […] to the very last game in America’s Finest City!  Is there anyone out there who doubts my math skills at this point?  It is clear that the Chargers are on an upward swing and the Broncos are going […]

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  5. […] San Diego Super Chargers were 4-8 when someone on the team obviously read this blog and spread my optimism around.  It was a good run that catapulted the likes of Philip River, Vincent Jackson and Darren […]

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