Internet Youth Resources

Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole bunch of fundamental youth resources online.  These evangelical sites are full of really dumb ideas, but you’ll find some gems in there.  The part of youth ministry I dread most (well, after having to bust a rebellious teen for something stupid) is games.  We try to have a little something to break the ice in teen church on Sunday morning, plus a game for mid-week service.  That’s over a hundred games and crowdbreakers every year (I’ll re-run a couple or three)!  Here’s where you can find a ton of ideas (please remember, the BarBeQuethDirector does not endorse 100% of the material on any of the following): (A nicely categorized game section, plus a ton of helpful articles and interviews.  In my opinion, the very best youth ministry resource on the net.) (A big bunch of games, plus a lot of “nuts and bolts” type of stuff.) (Definitely the largest listing of games and crowdbreakers that I’ve found.  This site also has a rather nifty collection of sermon illustrations.) (Hopefully, you’re like me and have never watched High Musical or listened to Kanye West.  But, as youth leaders, we need information.  This is the place to go for the “Evangelical” scoop on movies, TV shows and music.)


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