Ricky’s Bare Necessities


Ricky Johnson rode my bus to church last century.  Nine years ago, he was a quiet boy who slowly drifted away from church.  Crazy thing happened last spring!  I was out knocking doors on a Monday afternoon when I ran into a young man who looked really familiar.  It was Ricky, now 18.  We were starting a children’s meeting that night.  Almost jokingly, I told him he should jump on the bus for old time’s sake!  We drove through the neighborhood that evening and sounded the horn.  Ricky, to my surprise, came to the bus.  He came every night for that Crusade but didn’t get saved.  We prayed fervently for his salvation.  Two or three weeks after that week of meetings, on a glorious Sunday morning, Ricky walked the aisle and received Christ as his Saviour!  With the exception of two weekends he was out of town, he’s been in church every Sunday morning, evening AND mid-week service since.

This morning, I had a great visit with Ricky.  I sat with him in his living room for about 30 minutes as we waited for his Navy recruiter to come pick him up.  As I write, he may be boarding a plane to get to basic training.  He showed me the little bag that he had packed.  His recruiter told him “only the bare necessities.”  Literally, just a few articles of clothing.  What encouraged my heart was to see that his bag of necessities included his Bible!  You often wonder what young Christians are “getting” and, more importantly, what’s sticking.  In the short time we have had to influence Ricky, what a blessing to see him think of his Bible as something he needed!

Why categorize this under “Youth Ministry”?  Well, I’m hoping some of these things I write will be a help.  If there’s a youth worker out there looking for some innovative tricks for getting kids into church, this isn’t the place to come.  Ricky Johnson is a product of old-fashioned, door-to-door soul winning!  Did I lead him to the Lord at the door?  No, but a seed was planted, carefully watered, then sprung up, and now…

He knows the Necessities.


3 comments so far

  1. Napier on

    Wow, that’s great!!!

  2. Jen on

    I was sad I didn’t get to say goodbye. He had told me he would be there Sunday, and I guess I figured he would be there for the night service too. 😦

  3. jaynepomuceno on

    He was planning on being there, but his dad showed up and wanted to take him to dinner. He said he’ll come by after basic.

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