Youth Ministry “Trick” #1


Well, you’ve got to figure that after 12 years of doing what I’m doing, I’ve got it all figured out!  Okay, that might be the funniest line of my blogging career to date.  But when you get to my age (which is quite ancient in the realm of full-time Independent Baptist Youth Ministry), people start to think you might know something.  Man, I’ve got them all fooled!

A couple years ago, a younger Youth Pastor, right out of Bible College, wanted a nugget of wisdom.  And that’s pretty much exactly how he put it.  The conversation went something like this:

~Young Whipper-Snapper: “So, how long have you been doing this?”

~Oldie-But-Goodie (the BarBeQuethDirector): “Well, young warrior {please allow me to embellish a bit}, it’ll be ten years in the fall.”

~Young: “Ten years?  Really?” *young whipper-snapper genuflects in awe* {okay, so I’m emellishing a lot now} “You don’t look that old.” {seriously, he really did say that!}

~Oldie: *hugs young whipper-snapper after such kind words*

~Young: Okay, gimme something!

~Oldie: Huh?  A hug’s not enough?

~Young: Gimme something.  Anything.  I need a nugget of wisdom to help me along.

Or maybe he said, “…help me out” but that last line should be pretty accurate.  Well, I was totally unprepared for that.  I was honored and humbled that he would ask me for a “nugget of wisdom”.  I hemmed and hawed for about seven seconds then took about a minute and a half to talk about…


There’s a girl in my youth group right now who’s gone through some family garbage that hardly anyone knows about.  She’s one of the best girls I’ve ever had.  Faithful and tender as can be, you’d think she came from a picture perfect setting.  I dream for her.  I dream of her marrying a godly man of God, raising up a great family and serving Christ with her life. 

There’s a boy in my youth group right now who has been blessed with natural leadership, charisma and compassion.  You can see the fruits of his walk with God.  He’s one of the best boys I’ve ever had.  I dream for him.  I deam of him going to Bible College, influencing lives as he trains, then taking a youth group and changing the world.

I have dreams of kids going to untouched mission fields, planting churches in southern Califonia, administrating Christian schools.  I have dreams of kids becoming doctors, nurses, business owners who tithe, give to missions, teach Sunday School classes and encourage their Pastors.

What do these crazy dreams do for my ministry?  They motivate me.  These dreams find their way into my prayer life.  They help me dig into God’s Word to give my teens something they absolutely need.  They drive me to keep going when I’m tired or discouraged.  They drive me to give better than my best.  They help me to look past the immature 13-year-old and see a 30-year-old faithful to the One I’m trying to point him to.

If you’re working with teens, you must be a dreamer!


4 comments so far

  1. Becka on

    Jay, I didn’t even know you had a blog! This was a great post. I really enjoyed it, and now working with the youth group at my church, I can relate a little even. Thanks for your oh, so great “nugget of wisdom!” 🙂

  2. jaynepomuceno on

    Hey, Becka, thanks for stopping in!

  3. rnaenae on

    thanks for letting me in on your world also! I am loving it and haven’t even gotten caught up yet!

  4. Mark on

    Thanks for this! Very inspiring. i’ve been working with teens for about a year and hope to be doing this for awhile. looking forward to more nuggets!

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