Fave Fives III


How about my Fave Five Sermons of all time?  The following are really special in different ways.  Maybe there was some incredible profundity that brought me to a “wow”, a simple directness that brought me to my knees, or an obvious spirit-led discernment of what’s needed in our day.  Thank God for old-fashioned Bible preaching!

1.  “Second Mile Christian” Dr. David Gibbs, Jr (Preached at the Liberty Baptist Church Men’s Fellowship in Newport Beach.  When a link comes up, I’ll update.  Probably the most convicting thought to ever hit me.  I was ready for the altar less than ten minutes into the sermon.)

2.  “Joseph at the End of His Life” Dr. Jim Shettler (Preached at the California Baptist Pastor’s Retreat in Pismo Beach.  Absolutely life changing!  Incredible thoughts on how Joseph got to the end of his life without bitterness.)

3.  “When It’s Almost Midnight (Part 2)” Pastor Brian Dunlop (Preached recently at Lighthouse Baptist Church of La Verne.  A fresh look at Israel fleeing Egypt’s bondage.  Find it here under the General section.)

4.  “More Precious Than Gold” Dr. David Gibbs, Jr (Preached at the North Valley Baptist Church Leadership Conference in Santa Clara.  One of the most encouraging messages you’ll ever hear.  Find it here on 9/14/06.)

4.  “How To Have a Christian Wedding” Pastor Brian Dunlop (This should be required listening for all couples!  We need a lot more preaching like this from our Fundamental pulpits.  Find it here under the General section.)

5.  “Christian Integrity” Dr. Lou Baldwin (Preached at the Lighthouse Baptist Church Fellowship Meeting.  A strong message delivered with such grace and compassion.  Dr. and Mrs. Baldwin are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met!)


4 comments so far

  1. rnaenae on

    I remember Pastor Dunlop Preaching on how to have a Christian wedding. It was right before my wedding and afterwards every one was teasing me about having to change my plans! 🙂 I didn’t have to change anything! Thanks for all the years as a faithful youth pastor!

  2. jaynepomuceno on

    Aw, shucks… *blushes as much as a filipino can blush* thanks, Renae!

  3. Ariel on

    Hi Jay!

    Just wanted to say Happy Anniversary! I hope you and Brenna have a great one. It’s pretty easy to remember yours, now that I know that it’s the same as my parents’. =)

  4. jaynepomuceno on

    Thanks, Ariel!

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