NepomuceNews: Death By Chocolate


The BarBeQuethDirector and Brenna celebrated thirteen years of marriage yesterday!  We hung out in Old Town Pasadena and had a wonderful dinner at the BBQ Wife’s favorite restaurant P.F. Chang’s.  But the life changer came as we enjoyed (and that’s putting it mildly) dessert at Leonidas Chocolate Cafe.  We ordered a hot cocoa, mocha latte and an assortment of chocolates (the amounts are none of your business).  One sip of our drinks and we heard the angels singing.  One bite of our chocolates and I believe Michael the archangel put his head on my shoulder.  It was incredible!  Folks, these crazy people actually melt their high end Belgian chocolate into their drinks (no wasting time with any silly powders or syrups)!  You might think we’re exaggerating about how good a hot chocolate can be, but, trust me, it had a rich… complexity I can’t begin to describe.  Absolutely the best hot cocoa ever.  And the latte really puts the BBQthDirector’s usual coffee picks (Coffee Bean, Coffe Klatch) to shame.  If you love chocolate, you must come!  If you love coffee, you must come!  If you love both, think of it as a pilgrimage, and get here as soon as you can!




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  1. jenmarie on

    Wow, I think they should PAY you for a review like that one! Glad you guys had fun!

  2. rnaenae on

    I am going to have to convince James to take me there! It sounds delicious!

  3. Becka on

    So, I really want to go there now (after that wonderful review), but it might be a while, if ever, before I can get there. Thanks for making me crave chocolate when I have to wait FOREVER before I can get any! lol Congratulations on your anniversary! 🙂

  4. jaynepomuceno on

    Becka, boast not thyself of tomorrow. You must come now! Skip your mortgage payment, stop giving to missions, do something!

  5. […] on our adventures later).  What a way to close out a great day (which started with a stop at Leonidas in Pasadena)!  Here’s the […]

  6. […] I wasn’t overwhelmed by the chocolate, which is the first thing I judge a Mocha Latte by (Leonidas is still head and shoulders above the rest).  The espresso itself was interesting, nice and smooth […]

  7. […] We’re 14 Years Old! Posted December 16, 2009 Filed under: NepomuceNews | …as a married couple, that is!  This is such a hugongous event, it took us two days of festivities to give it the proper recognition.  We spent a full day in America’s Finest City, San Diego, to celebrate with the BBQ Kids at Point Loma Seafoods (lunch), Shelter Island, Sunset Cliffs, Bronx Pizza (dinner), and Christmas Circle (neighborhood Christmas lights).  The following day, The BBQ Couple spent some lovely alone time in Old Town Pasadena where we had an amazing italian dinner at Louisse’s Trattoria (which I’ll review at The FUNdamental Foodie) followed by coffee and chocolates at Leonidas. […]

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