BBQ Review: North Hollywood Gem!


The best places can be the hardest to find, and Kansas City BBQ Company is one BBQ joint worth searching for!  The BBQ Family being on vacation, we just had to make a BBQ run.  We were able find a place close to our day-trip destination of Griffith Park (more on our adventures later).  What a way to close out a great day (which started with a stop at Leonidas in Pasadena)!  Here’s the play-by-play:


First and foremost, let me introduce you to Mr. Half Rack of Baby Back Pork Ribs with Cole Slaw and Beans.  The ribs were pretty close to perfectly tender with true hickory goodness in every lovin’ bite!  The distinctive feature of these ribs is the dry rub of seasonings that form a tasty crust around the outside.  These might be the best ribs I’ve ever had.  More research must be done, however, to confirm this!

In my opinion, slaw and beans are the quintessential BBQ sides.  The beans had smokey bits of meat in them (probably brisket) and were very good.  The slaw was just average at best.  I prefer a creamier slaw.  This version had kind of a strange fruitiness to it, maybe pineapple.  I won’t be ordering it again.

Also adorning our table was the “Burnt Ends Sandwich”, a delicacy not widely understood outside of Kansas City.  As unappetizing as this may sound, the most flavorful pieces of a properly smoked beef brisket are the… burnt ends!  These are chopped up, mixed with sauce and served up on a roll.  To this point in my life, I could only read about (and dream about) such BBQ lore.  Now, thanks to K.C. BBQ Company, it has become a reality *blots sentimental tears from eyes*.  This sandwich was a treat, the BBQthDirector’s Wife’s favorite part of the meal.

We also had a hot link sandwich which, while pleasantly spicy, was nothing really to write home about.  The fries were your standard steak fries, made a little more pleasant with a Lawry’s-style seasoning salt.  The BBQ sauce was very good, well balanced between sweet and tangy, and conveniently available right on the tables.  We found the service to be very friendly and helpful.

The BBQthDirector heartily recommends this place.  I’ll definitely have to update my Top 5 list of California BBQ joints!

The BarBeQuethMinistry! Rib Rating (1 bone = awful, 5 bones = legendary):

Ambience/Service: 4 bones

Sides: 3 bones

Sauce: 4 bones

Meat: 4.5 bones

Overall: 4 bones

Kansas City BBQ Company on Urbanspoon


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