Another Step Closer!


Okay, sports fans, it is time to jump on the band wagon.  You can get shirts, jerseys and hats at Wal-Mart for very reasonable prices.  While you’re at it, get yourself a Chargers TIE!  Pound-for-pound, can anyone argue that the toughest man in the NFL is 5-6, 181 pound Darren Sproles (#43 above).  He is my pick for co-MVP of tonight’s win over the Colts.  He shares it with this guy:


A punter??  Yes, a punter!  Mike Scifres was like a weapon of mass destruction for the Colts explosive offense.  He pinned them back exactly when the Chargers needed it most and even launched it 67 yards when the Chargers needed that.  Scifres was huge in this game.  Without him, the Chargers lose!  But what a team effort all around.  A seriously injured L.T. came out to bring a spark and an emotional lift.  An ailing Antonio Gates played valiantly.  Philip Rivers showed incredible toughness and courage.  The defense really came together to look like the stalwarts of the last couple years (except for the FOUR dropped interceptions).  And props to Defensive Coordinator Ron Rivera for going all “mad scientist” and coming up with a defensive scheme that confused Peyton Manning (as made evident by those passes thrown right to Charger defenders–c’mon, Cromartie, Weddle, and Gregory, catch the ball!).  The Super Bowl is a step closer!

Who’s gonna beat your 2006, 2007 and 2008 AFC West Champion San Diego Super Chargers?  The Titans with journeyman Kerry Collins throwing the ball?  The Steelers with overrated Ben Roethlisberger and his 80.1 passer rating?  C’mon, haters, get real and just jump on the band wagon.  I’ll even give you a boost!


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