Fave Fives IV: Restaurants

After a “Fave Post” on something spiritual, let’s get back to talking about feeding the flesh!  Here are my favorite restaurants (outside of the realm of American BBQ, of course):


1. Pampas Grill (Okay, so my favorite non-American BBQ restaurant is a Brazilian BBQ place!  This is a smallish stall in the L.A. Farmer’s Market {which is a cool trip in itself}.  You go through buffet-style and choose your sides.  Everything we’ve had is incredible (except the greens, which are bitter, and the toast, which is… toast): garlic fried rice, eggplant salad, potato salad, balsamic tomato salad–woops, I just drooled on my keyboard!  Then you have your choice of meats right off the grill {over real wood charcoal, by the way!}.  The sirloin cap is tender, the garlic beef is yummy-delicious, the sausage is great, the chicken is… man, I don’t have the energy to find any more adjectives.  They weigh your plate and charge you by the pound.  Oh, mama, this place is crazy good!)

2. P.F. Chang’s (“East meets West”-style Chinese, so it’s not authentic, but, who cares, it’s good!  This is tops for the BBQthDirector’s Wife.  We love the Kung Pao Chicken, Stir Fried Eggplant and Chicken, Garlic Noodles and the unlimited steamed rice!  They make a great house sauce right in front of you, and will customize the heat {or lack of} for you.)

3. Bronx Pizza (The BBQ Family always stops here when visiting America’s Finest City {we don’t know of any good BBQ joints in San Diego, but research is forthcoming}.  We’ve had New York Pizza in New York and have tried a few posers out here.  This is the only place that keeps us coming back for that floppy thin crust.  Our choices are their “Whitestone” {mozarella, ricotta cheese and a special, garlicky white sauce}, and the Tomato and Garlic.  Even our kids pig out here!)

4. Cheesecake Factory (Yes, their cheesecakes are the bomb {they have a number of varieties, but we haven’t tried anything that didn’t involve chocolate}, but they have great food, too!  Their appetizers are so good, we make them the main part of our meal.  The BBQ Wife has made their Portabello Mushroom Sandwich her staple and BBQthDirector always finds a way to sneak a bite or four!)

5. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles (You are not a true “Angeleno” until you make a pilgrimage to this L.A. institution!  Their claim to fame is in the name: fried chicken and waffles.  Yes, on the same plate!  Sure, it’s a quirky combination, but it somehow works.  Comfort food at its finest! )


**Other places the BarBeQuethDirector highly recommends: Philippe’s in downtown L.A. for the original French Dip (pork is my choice); Lily’s Tacos on Garey in Pomona (the ghetto-est little shack in the… ghetto); Onami (Japanese buffet with great hot food classics and an incredible sushi bar); Zankou Chicken (awesome Armenian food; their garlic sauce is to-die-for, which, after eating, will make your breath deadly!).


3 comments so far

  1. rnaenae on

    Sounds like you a lot of really good places! Thanks for sharing your faves!

  2. Antonia on

    Philippe’s is the best! No French dip sandwich is complete without their potatoe salad, cheescake, and giant pickles! – Not together of course.

  3. jaynepomuceno on

    Antonia, so glad there’s someone we know who’s had the Philippe’s experience. Their food is so good, maybe the potato salad, cheesecake and pickles WOULD be good together!

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