BBQ Road Trip!

Believe it or not, we're both in our mid-30's!  Don't you just hate us?

The BBQ Couple is so ready for another vacation! Hey, it's been more than a week and a half since our last one!

The BBQ Family will be taking a road trip to Texas for the wedding of youth group alumnus, Clint Minnick!  The BBQthDirector will be singing “The Wedding Gown” and “I Will Be Here” and the BBQ Boy, Jason, will be lookin’ all fly in a black suit, bearing the ring!  The computer will be in tow, so we’ll see about posting.  I’m looking to review two legendary BBQ Joints: Mr. Powdrell’s BBQ in Albuquerque, NM and Rudy’s Country Store in Lubbock, TX.  Foodies who like to read about BBQ shrines usually run into these names fairly quickly.  There are two other no-name joints I’ve run into while researching that we’ll try to get to.  So be looking for up to four BBQ Reviews in the coming weeks.  The BBQthDirector may also document some of our family adventures as well as our time with Clint and Maureen.  We would appreciate your prayers for traveling mercies!

And I might as well name this trip.  My big activity with the teens last month was “A Day with Jay”.  We’ll be going on an eight day vacation!  I’ve got it!  How does this sound…

“A Week with Mr. Physique!”

Anyway, in honor of “The Clint” getting hitched, I give you “Old Skewl Clinton”:





5 comments so far

  1. S.J. on

    AH! Run away! It’s… it’s an old school modeling pic of Clinton! My eyes, they’re bleeding! Why subject us to such a horror, Jay?

    Hahahaha. Congrats Clinton. Hope you and everyone else traveling will have a safe trip, Jay.

  2. Becka on

    lol Those pics of Clinton made me laugh. lol I have a few funny ones of him myself somewhere in my picture archives…… But I’m not even going there. lol

  3. jenmarie on

    Oh wow…ha ha, EVERYONE looks old school (“skinny”) in that middle pic! 🙂
    I hope you guys have a great trip!

  4. rnaenae on

    I can’t look! 🙂 I hope you have a great time! BTW Happy Birthday Jay! Umm how old are you again? 🙂 35… or is it the 4th anniversary of your 30th birthday! 🙂

  5. dar... on


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