Defending “Dubya”


George W. Bush was a good President.  Less than a third of people polled (do you know anyone who’s been called by Gallup or the Associated Press?) agree with me.  I understand that.  I’m realistic enough to refrain from using the word great but, in a pragmatic analysis of his Presidency, I really believe he did a good job.

To prove I’m not some blind follower of the Republican party, allow me to hit a few things that didn’t tickle my fancy about President Bush.  First, I believe he was weak on immigration, specifically in his dealings with Mexico.  At times it seemed like Vicente Fox had something on him, some strange way of getting what he wanted.  Mexico is certainly no threat militarily nor could it impose it’s will on us with some type of economic sanctions (maybe threaten us by cutting back the number of farm workers they would send to us? *apologies to those strangled by political correctness*).  Probably one of the most frustrating things to me about the Bush Presidency was his refusal to pardon Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Campean.  These two were on the front lines of protecting our borders.  In 2007, they shot a known drug smuggler who was fleeing back to Mexico (click here for further details).  They received 11 and 12 year sentences.  Even Dianne Fienstein called for the President to commute their sentences.  Dianne Feinstein, for goodness sake!  President Bush did nothing until just about his final day in office.

You would think that he would be more sensitive to border issues.  First of all, border security is of paramount importance to protecting Americans from terrorism.  Secondly, he was the governor of a border state.  I just don’t get it.

My next gripe would be with the amount of “pork barrel spending” that has seemed to run rampant in Washington.  The President needs to keep tabs on that.  Certainly, it would help to have the “line item veto” but even without it, it should’ve been controlled a lot better.

The last thing I’ll list is the mortgage crisis.  I’ve heard a number of Republicans and conservative talk show hosts try to explain the current economic crisis away as a global issue out of our control.  I don’t buy it.  Everyone knew the real estate bubble was going to burst.  There was no secret what the problem was: sub-prime mortgages.  If common-folk knew it was going to happen, certainly leaders at the highest levels of government had to know it was coming.  I’m not trying to take away the issue of personal responsibility.  Folks, don’t take out a mortgage you can’t afford.  Read the fine print.  A thousand dollars a month for now, ballooning to three-thousand later is not a good deal!  You’ve got to be smarter than that.  Nonetheless, there should have been someone in the administration pitching a fit over the possibilities of disaster.

With all that being said, this image burns in my mind:


I am barely old enough to remember the final years of Ronald Reagan’s Presidency.  But even as a Junior Higher who was more concerned with zits and girls, I was still keenly aware of his greatness.  His quick wit and unwavering strength made him… a hero.  George W. Bush was not quite Ronald Reagan, but he had a compassion and resolve to him that made me think of the “Gipper”.  On the human level, he was a sincere comforter.  As the commander and chief, he was ready to bring justice on those who would harm Americans.  “Dead or Alive… I don’t really care…” he said.  And my respect for him grew ten fold.  That’s what we were all thinking, but very few politicians have the courage to actually say.  I love that.

Then there’s Iraq.  Did Saddam Hussein come up with some ingenious plan to make it look like they had WMD to humiliate the U.S.?  Or maybe our intelligence satellites malfunctioned in some way to conjure up images of trucks, barrels and other sundry items disappearing right before U.N. inspectors could get to them?  Even General Colin Powell (arguably, one of the greatest military minds in U.S. history) was convinced that they were hiding WMD.  Something had everyone fooled?  Everyone, including, President Obama!  He made such a big deal about opposing the war from the beginning.  But he was against “A dumb war. A rash war.”  He goes on to say in his infamous 2002 speech, “I suffer no illusions about Saddam Hussein. He is a brutal man. A ruthless man. A man who butchers his own people to secure his own power. He has repeatedly defied UN resolutions, thwarted UN inspection teams, developed chemical and biological weapons, and coveted nuclear capacity.”  Why don’t you ever see that part in the news?

There was a time that I entertained the thought that we should probably “cut and run”.  The war seemed like such a waste.  Yeah, Saddam Hussein was gone, but the Iraqis seemed too… crazy… third-world… savage… (yeah, yeah, more political incorrectness) to coax into a legitimate democracy.  Some had called for splitting Iraq into three different countries, and I really started to warm to that idea.  Then the President came out with a new strategy: the surge!  I thought that was absolutely ridiculous.  More Americans would die for a people that wanted to stay steeped in their darkness.  But, despite President Obama’s faulty accusations…

The surge has worked!

So much so, that President Obama has had to run away from all the “time-table-talk”.  We’re getting closer to a stable democracy in the middle east because President George W. Bush had the courage to do what was right, rather than what was popular.  Politics as usual?  Give me a break!  We could definitely use four more years of that kind of decision making.

President Bush was a leader who sought God.  I believe it was Barbara Walters who challenged him about his work ethic.  She asked him what a typical day looked like.  He said he started it by reading the Bible.

I think things will eventually calm down in the world.  My guess is that in a couple decades, historians will look pretty favorably on these past eight years.  For most of it, we experienced significant economic growth and America has been kept safe.  I thank God for President George W. Bush.


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  1. Renae on

    Thank you for putting all of that into words! One of the things I admire most in Former President Bush is how he handled September 11,2001! I am so thankful for his leadership!

  2. Renae Archer on

    I too think that Bush was a good President. Sure, he made some dumb decisions, but he also did a lot of things right (not something the media likes to comment on!). Our country has had a hard eight years, but God gave us George W. Bush to lead us safely through them!

  3. Becka on

    What a great post. I wish I could formulate my thoughts like that! lol I’m not so great at writing.

    I appreciated all of the things you pointed out about Bush. I agree with you and I think he did a good job as well. It is rather ironic that the AMERICAN PEOPLE voted for him for a second term, but all the sudden he was one of the worst presidents and he has practically ruined our country. lol Okay, a little exaggerated, but people forget so quickly. I admired him, I liked him as a person, and I loved his “Christian” stand. Thanks George W. 🙂

  4. fearthefro on

    man stick to bbq reviews. have you forgotten about katrina and other mistakes?? bush and chaney was dangerous

  5. janet2000 on

    Once again, great commentary! Good man with sound biblical morals. He was what we needed in scary time.

  6. jaynepomuceno on

    Okay, folks, I blew it! Shoulda checked, but a family fun day on Monday and yesterday’s non-stop inaugural coverage kept me from the news that Pres. Bush commuted their sentences (with less than a day left in his Presidency)! They’re set to be released on March 20th!

  7. jenmarie on

    Okay, I was just going to point out that he commuted their sentences… I think that maybe they should be released before March? (my personal opinion) Why keep them in if their sentences have been commuted?
    Anyways, but it was the Dems who pushed and pushed for all the sub-prime mortgages!

    Yeah, President Bush was good for us. I was proud to say he was my president! I loved flying back into the US from out of the country and having his picture and greeting welcome me back to the United States as I went through customs!

  8. jaynepomuceno on

    fearthefro, Katrina was partly FEMA underestimating things and partly (really, mostly) the LOCAL leadership failing to come up with a good plan. Nonetheless, I welcome differing opinions. Where are you from, by the way?

    Jen, yeah, it actually started with the Clinton administration pushing to get minorities (like me) and poor people (hey, like me!) owning homes. But during the big boom of, say, 2002-2005, Republicans pretty much had control of congress. They really could’ve done something. There were a few statements made, but a lot of good that did!

  9. Robby P. on

    i to think that Bush was a god president.. sure he may have been a little weak. but what about b4 him.. clinton. ha ya right.. he stood for the complete oposite of wat God and the Bible does.. so Bush may not be a Lincoln or a Reagan… but i think God blessed us with somebody who looked to God… and i thank President Bush for his 8 years of service.

  10. Ed Harris on

    Okay, let’s try again. If you take an honest look at Obama’s Iraq speech, you’ll see that he clearly says that Iraq is NOT an immediate threat. He shined after 9/11 but became dangerous after that. And hey I’m a Christian but he took his religion way over the top!

    I hope that’s “rated G” enough for you.

  11. fearthefro on

    grew up in terrell, tx i’m now in el paso. i respect your opnion but i’ve got to say im glad we’re done with bush!

  12. justbrowsing on

    you’re crazy

  13. Robby P. on

    compared to president Obama (and yes we should call him that.. even though it hurts me to.) and to others i would take “former” president Bush any day off the week

  14. S.J. on

    *sigh* politics… love ’em, hate ’em. Don’t wanna get too much into it, you wont be able to get me to stop rambling. But I think it’s so heartbreaking that this “Christian” nation is so far from God that the morals of so called “Christians” are barely existant, twisted, and flimsy. And those opinions of Christians willing to stand up for what is Biblical and right are so quickly shot down as “far too conservative”. May God bless America, though we hardly deserve it. We’ve turned our backs from Him.

  15. princecharlesofperadale on

    What I never liked about any of it was how many people called President Bush just “Bush.” We have the decency to call President Obama by his title, but we couldn’t call former President Bush by his? Good job Jay, in another awesome post. It’s good to read something that speaks truth without fear.

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