Whoa, easy there…

crazy_hereAlright, looks like I struck a nerve with my previous post.  Well, not just me, but one dissenting voice has provoked a few rude comments (“fearthefro”, we disagree but I’ve got your back to do so).  Good thing I decided to moderate.  Folks, I welcome your opinions but you can’t be rude or crude if you want your comment published.  Please, let’s make an attempt at civility.  As our President said in his inaugural speech, “It’s time to put away childish things.”  *tries not to snicker at the President’s attempt at spirituality*


6 comments so far

  1. James on

    It’s nice to be able to moderate the things that go on your blog, it means that we are the reader don’t have to put up with trash from the random commenters.

  2. jaynepomuceno on

    Moderation is definitely a good thing. So far there hasn’t been anything heinous, just tacky. Thanks for stopping by, James!

  3. janet2000 on

    Yes, much better this way. Thank you, Mr. BBQthdirector!

  4. jaynepomuceno on

    Janet, thanks for being a “regular”! No need for being so formal (“Mr.”). I prefer to be called “Your Majesty”.

  5. James on

    you probably would too.

  6. jenmarie on

    lol, that’s one reason I stopped posting anything political (or at least adding tags when I did post those topics that tended to generate outside visitors) – too many comments that I had to delete!

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