Political Super-Star!


Whoa, I think I just saw the unveiling of some serious star power!  And, sorry, I’m not talking about President Obama.  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal came out and delivered!  I must admit, I just about freaked out when he first walked out with his bugged-out eyes and cheesey perma-smile.  Regular readers of BarBeQuethMinistry know that I’m not one for political correctness, so here’s my honest initial assessment:  I thought someone with the Republican National Committee stopped at 7-11 for an energy drink and figured he’d pick up someone to give the Republican Party’s response.  How convenient!  Use the clerk!  Just put a suit on him and we’ll save the Republican party!

But then he started to speak.  He oozed knowledge and resolve with just the right amount of humor to show he wasn’t a robot.  In the short amount of time he had, he exposed the waste and irresponsibility of the President’s stimulus plan.  His life story was compelling and belief in the American people seemed genuine.  He also had the guts to criticize the shortcomings of his own party, and vowed to win back our trust.  Gov. Jindal was strong tonight.  Very stong.  I’ll be following him closely.

How does a Jindal/Palin ticket sound for 2012?


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  1. James on

    I liked it too; good speech, good humor, and great outlook on the future. He made clear lines of distinction but also made it clear the need to work together. We’ll see about 2012, I doubt it would be Jindal/Palin; but he might make someone a really great VP.

  2. Becka on

    “American people can do anything!” 🙂 It was a good speech. I appreciated the strong stand he took and the clear explanations he gave – especially regarding health care. He was a great choice for the Republican spokesman.

  3. jaynepomuceno on

    I know a Jindal/Palin ticket seems unlikely, but if he continues to shine and Palin continues her “recovery”, that would be one energetic combo! True conservatives with some class. A republican can dream.

    By the way, readers, there’s a new set of Old Skewl pics up.

  4. eric on

    are you kidding, he was awful! even fox was critical.

  5. lonestarpreacher on

    I dunno thought he was a little stiff. Good message though!

  6. concertoenadoll on

    I’m telling you kuya Jay, you look just like him!

  7. jaynepomuceno on

    Jindal has been getting flamed! Are we–including conservatives–that into style? What happened to substance? Jindal was right on! He’ll be fine. They’ll get a team to soften his perma-smile and work on his delivery.

    How ’bout Romney/Jindal in 2012?

    Hadn’t heard that one, Jireh.

  8. zaza on

    jay-at certain angles you could be pres. obama! (like the pic you have on your blog!!) add that to you look-a-like resume!

  9. jaynepomuceno on

    Huh, so I look like a golfing legend, boxing legend, oscar-winning actor, wrestler-turned-actor, and a socialist President. That’s kinda cool.

  10. Philip on

    Socialist, definitely. Maybe even Communist?

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