Fave Fives VIII: Burger Joints


Can’t beat a homemade burger grilled medium over mesquite charcoal.  But sometimes ya just gotta let someone else do the work.  When the BBQthDirector is craving a hamburger, more than likely these are the stops…

1. In-N-Out:  Texas has got its BBQ, New York wins with Pizza and Hawaii is the Spam capital of the world (I really need to take a missions trip there).  But no one can hang with Cali’s Double-Double and fresh cut fries.  Maybe “animal style” is yo’ flava, or you’ve ventured into the “4-by-4” realm.  Whatever the preference, I know of very few people who’ve had In-N-Out and not agree that it’s the best burger place in the world.  A number one with onions and pink lemonade is how I roll!

2. Fat Burger: Thick, juicy, cooked-to-order burgers that you can get with a variety of toppings, including a fried egg.  As weird as that may sound, it’s pretty awesome.

3. Sonic: When on a road trip, a stop at Sonic is a must for the BBQ Family.  They have quite the variety of fast food staples and cool drinks.  In New Mexico and west Texas, you’ve got to try a green chile cheeseburger.  Of course, no visit to Sonic is complete without a Cherry Limeade!

4. Rally’s: There just aren’t enough of these around!  As much as I love a “Big Buford”, their battered fries make me smile (shout out to Matt Dubya).  We’re talkin’ big, cheesey Bobby Jindal style grin.  My favorite fries anywhere.

5. McDonald’s: I’m surprised to see this on the list, too.  But as I considered the Whopper, Super Star and other mass market competitors, I kept coming back to the Big Mac.  Why I like that thing so much is a mystery.  Tiny patties, wilted lettuce, and rehydrated onions don’t usually sound good, but dressed up as the iconic Big Mac, it’s a work of art!  In Alaska, they serve up the monstrous McKinley Mac, which replaces the ghetto patties with two 1/4 pounders!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

And yours?


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  1. jenmarie on

    Hawaii is all into spam? That’s funny, I never even saw spam when I was there…
    In-N-Out’s okay, but I like Red Robin’s burgers better. Although that’s not really a “burger joint.” And Red Robin will give you a free burger on your bday too! 🙂 Just have to sign up online…(Cold Stone will give you a free ice cream on your bday too!!) 🙂 Ha ha, ghetto I know but hey…you only get one day so…

  2. jaynepomuceno on

    I guess I have to add you to that list of very few people. Just “okay”? Wow, I feel like maybe I failed as a youth director. Where did I go wrong? Red Robin is kinda a burger joint. More like a burger sit down restaurant, but pretty good stuff. I actually had a killer burger at Chili’s, of all places. It was a Smokehouse something or rather…

    Supposedly, Hawaii eats the most Spam in the union.

  3. Daniel Ashton on

    I LOVE In-N-Out!!! I wish they would expand to Wisconsin so I could get some good burgers while I am here. We don’t even have a McDonald’s anymore because it burned down in October. 😦

  4. James A. on

    I’m not sure if I can come up with five… so here’s my try

    1. In-n-out (double-double animal style hold the pickles
    2. Carl’s Jr. (Go with a $6 burger with jalapenos, the western, etc.)
    3. Jack in the Box (Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger)
    4. Sonic (I’ve only been to it twice and only had a burger once, but it left a good impression)
    5. ??? (I’m sure there is someplace up in San Francisco that I am not giving justice to becuase I cannot remember there name… sorry)

    oh and


  5. Becka on

    JAY!!! You are not fair! I SOOOO want an “In-n-Out” burger! I haven’t had one since June. Sigh. And I have no idea when I will be in Cali.

    This was a good fave five. So, here is mine.
    1. IN-N-OUT!!!!! I get a #2 with no onions and extra spread with a lemonade.
    2. Sonic – definitely like their burgers. We have two by our house and go there all the time. Especially since they started their dollar menu. I ALWAYS get a cherry limeade. Only I wish they wouldn’t put so much ice in it.
    3. Big Mac from McDonald’s. I love those. I do normally order from the dollar menu though.
    4. Okay, I also love that one place on White Ave. Down below the freeway? I forget the name, it’s been too long….My fam used to go there all the time. They have yummy burgers.
    5. I have to agree with Jen about the Red Robin burgers. Unfortunately, we don’t have one of those close to us either! Sigh.

    And numbers 3-5 are in no particular order. 🙂

  6. jaynepomuceno on

    I knew the In-N-Out pic would be painful for displaced Californians. McDonald’s probably wouldn’t have made the list had it not been for its 2 Big Macs for $3.50 deal. Made me remember my childhood adoration of America’s ultimate mass-produced mediocity. I love Big Macs, and I don’t know why! Another plus about McDonald’s is their premium coffee bar. Every bit as bad as Starbucks!

  7. Antonia on

    What about the “Habbit?” Somewhat pricy but very yummy! You guys will have to try it when you are up here!

  8. jaynepomuceno on

    Antonia, funny, we just thought about you since Brenna has to be downtown today and is planning on stopping at Philippe’s with Jeremy and J.J.. Lucky duckys! We had a “Habbit” just open up here in La Verne. Smells real good as you drive by!

    Becka, you’ve got to be talkin’ about Bravo Burgers! That place is bomb! Great fried zucchini, too!

  9. Becka on

    That’s the one! Name slipped my mind. Yeah, I love their burgers. 🙂

  10. James Burrow on

    Jay, I love the Double-Double so much that last time I visited I was at an In-n-Out within 30 minutes of leaving the plane.
    They got edged out when I tried Fuddruckers in El Paso last year. They’ve got the burgers you order up to a pound. The best! I roll with the delicious southwestern 1 pound burger. They make their own ginormous delicious buns there on the spot. The taste of all their burgers I’ve ordered simply rocks! You visit what looks like a salad bar but it’s all the stuff you could ever want to put on a burger; the burger is so big they have to give you two boxes because the lid wont close with the top bun on, which is fine when you take it to go because you can use the extra space in the second box for all your toppings you wanna take with you.

    It comes to like $8 something which isn’t bad if you are splitting with someone or even grubbin it all yourself. Also, if you pound that sucker down with the fries, they take a polaroid and put your mug up on the ledge above the ordering counter. Mine is up there in the El Paso one for my birthday last year. I ate the burger, the fries, and the free birthday sundae. I felt miserably happy, and it was delicious!

  11. jaynepomuceno on

    You ate the whole one pounder? You pig! Man, I haven’t been to Fuddruckers in, literally, a decade. I’ve got to go back. For research purposes, of course.

  12. Becka on

    Okay, James is right. Fuddruckers has awesome burgers. I haven’t been to one in several years, but I do remember that I was pretty impressed.

  13. aleassa on

    Chili Cheeseburgers are awesome. When I first moved to El Paso, they had them on the dollar menu at Wendy’s, lol.
    And yeah, James ate the WHOLE thing, complete with milkshake!

  14. Matt Dubya on

    Am I missing something? I don’t remember Rally’s…

  15. jaynepomuceno on

    Dude, Matt, I’m just giving you a “shout out” for using your line: “…makes me smile…”

  16. Matt Dubya on

    Hahaha! I get it now! I was racking my brain for a time when I ate there… But I gotcha now!

  17. Renae on

    SO I must have missed this post! lol I love In-n-Out #2 Grilled Onions with a dr. Pepper pr a chocolate shake! There is a Sonic in Fullerton off of Orangethorpe! Makes me remember Missions trip again! I have pics of us eating there! I am sick of Burger King because we eat it every other week at Bethel! I can do McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger!

  18. James A. on

    I just remembered on in san dimas right near san dimas canyon blvd on foothill it called kosmos burger. really good. oh and legends in glendora also on route 66, awesome burgers cool atmosphere. becka remember nae and i went there with you and matt.

  19. jaynepomuceno on

    Yeah, I’ve been to Kosmos. I think it was our graduating class of 2002 that took me and Brenna there. Good stuff, huge selection!

    Brenna and I survived off Burger King when we were in Bible College. Back then Whoppers were 99 cents!

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