Fave Fives X: Veggie Tales Songs


I promise, I’m not some loser watching cartoons all by myself.  I have four kids who like Veggie Tales.  I must admit, I really enjoy the “Sunday morning values, Saturday morning fun”.  Sometimes I find myself laughing more than my kids and even singing along with Bob, Larry, Junior, and–my personal favorite character–Mr. Lunt.  But of all the songs the talented folks at “Big Idea” have come up with, here are my favorites…

1. His Cheeseburger:  Can you get any better than, “He’ll wait for you-ooo!  Yeah, he’ll wait for you-ooo!”?  This song is actually a youth group classic.  How many times did we sing this during the 2004 missions trip to the Four Corners region?  A bajillion?

2. The Gated Community:  As a music guy, I really appreciate the nice harmonies and clever counter melodies of this song.  Not particularly funny, but really impressive, musically speaking.

3. The Belly Button Song:  I love how the “Boys in the Sink” go all gangsta on this one (pictured above).  It’s just a trip to see Junior Asparagus all tough and Mr. Lunt all hip-hop romantic with his bling!  This song is such a trip!

4. The Hair Brush Song:  The original silly song!  Too funny how each character comes out only to have an akward moment with Larry because he is in a towel.  Junior finally brings this short musical to a game-changing pinnacle as he asks, “Why do you need a hairbrush you don’t have any hair??”

5. Do the Moo Shoo:  The Veggie Tales’ ode to Chinese food!  I’ve yet to have Moo Shoo, but they mention my favorite, Kung Pao Chicken.  My favorite lines, “Do the Tofu!  To-fu-fu…” and “Stop!  Break a fortune cookie!”


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  1. Renae on

    lol! I think the Cheeseburger Song was all my fault because I had it on a Veggie Tales cd! you would listen to it and start singing and everyone else would join in! I think we sang it at least one time every time we were on the bus! 🙂 I really loved that trip and now that you have mentioned this song I think I will pull out that cd load it onto my computer and listen to it! 🙂

  2. James Burrow on

    Jay how could you not include the absurd “the bunny” and “the pirates who don’t do anything? lol

  3. jaynepomuceno on

    So, Renae, you’re the one to blame!

    James, yeah, the “pirates” got strong consideration, but just not quite Fave Five worthy.

  4. Renae on

    Yes! I don’t even remember why I brought the veggie tales cd! I was a senior! 🙂 Oh well it did give some pretty good laughs especially when people would mess the words up! I think we all had it memorized by the end of the trip. It was one of the last songs we sang on the bus!

  5. Becka on

    Okay, the Cheesburger song is all time favorite. I think the “pirates” is a good one. I also really like “the lip song” (or whatever the title of it). I haven’t been in the veggie tale world in a while, so some of these songs on your list I don’t even know. See, I haven’t been babysitting and I don’t have kids. Kinda dumb to just sit down and watch them by yourself for…fun? lol

  6. jaynepomuceno on

    “It’s a lip, it’s a lip, it’s a lip, lip, lip!” Yeah, that’s a good one, too!

    Renae, I think you brought the Veggie Tales CD to balance out your Backstreet Boys CD.

  7. Matt Dubya on

    The Cheeseburger song! Wow! Good times! Haha! I love how we always had a different song each trip…

  8. Jane on

    Beware of grape with wooden mallet. . . .=D

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