Fave Fives XI: Drinks


The BBQthDirector is not a big fan of soda, though I can enjoy an occasional Diet Coke with a squeeze of lemon.  Pepsi Max, with its beautiful 96 mg of caffeine per bottle, almost revolutionalized my life.  Then I joined the boycott against Pepsi products.  Too bad, it would’ve definitely made the list.  Oh, well, here’s my Fave Five Drinks….

1. Arizona Iced Tea – Energy Tonic:  This is green tea mixed with pureed mango and pear (I think) with just a little extra kick of caffeine.  I like caffeine.

2. Glaceau Vitamin Water – Energy:  There’s a whole line of Vitamin Waters.  This is the yellow stuff, nice and citrus-y with some caffeine added.  I really do like caffeine.

3. Hawaiian Punch:  No caffeine here, just sugar-laden, pseudo-fruitiness that takes me back to my childhood.

4. Arizona Iced Tea – Arnold Palmer:  Half tea, Half lemonade.  Love it!

5. Sobe Cranberry Grapefruit Elixir:  I’ve tried five or six Sobe varieties.  Lizzard Fuel also stands out, as does Energy Citrus (ah, caffeine!), but this elixir edges them out to make the list.


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  1. urfriend2me on

    jay i totally agree with ur selections but redline

  2. Renae on

    Hmmm Drinks! I like Dr. Pepper, Coffee(in all forms), Arizona Raspberry Tea, Arizona Arnold Palmer, Sobe Cranberry Grapefruit (I am pretty sure you introduced me to this one on NM missions trip) I have others but these would be my top 5! 🙂

  3. Robb on

    I love Dr.Pepper.. nd orange juice.. thats all i need.. 🙂

  4. Robb on

    but good picks jay!

  5. Robb on

    wait jay! you like pepsi?!?! am shocked!

  6. jaynepomuceno on

    urfriend2me, Redline is one of those uber special treats that should be consumed only when absolutely needed. Like camp. And missions trips. And Mondays.

    Renae, I think it was in Farmington that I was introduced to Lizzard Fuel. And coffee just kinda goes without saying. I like caffeine.

    Robby, yes, I like Pepsi. I’m denying myself for a greater cause.

    I think Dr. Pepper is pretty gross!

  7. Jane on

    Jay, I feel for you on the Pepsi thing! I am a major Mountain Dew addict but I also have joined the Pepsi boycott. It’s one of the hardest things I have ever done. Ever.

  8. Becka on

    I’m pretty much addicted to soda. I do also really like V8 Splash and Peach Tea. I rarely buy drinks except when grocery shopping, so though I like SOBE like everyone else, I rarely have it. 🙂

  9. James on

    Whatever happened to Surge?! To bad they went bankrupt cuz that stuff had great taste and loads of caffeine. Im with you on the Sobe Energy and Sobe Lizzard Fuel. Gotta love those. I also like their Sobe Strawberry Daqueri(sp?) Sobe just does things right with their glass bottled flavored drinks. I liked Fuze drinks until they stopped using glass bottles. I haven’t heard about the Pepsi boycott thing but I LOVE mountain dew, especially when they had that 3 new flavors battle. I couldn’t get enough of Voltage, Supernova, and Revolution.

    I think the original Mountain Dew changed its recipe since 10 years ago when Clinton and I would go down to PCBBC vending machine after church Sunday and Wed nights and get like 2 cans each of the “NEW wide-mouth can”. No wonder we were so wired lol. But Clinton and I both agree on this theory that the taste has changed somewhat since then.

  10. Renae on

    Jay, I can still remember a time when you were NOT a coffee fan! As a matter of fact, I think you even looked down on those who were! Man, you sure have come a long way in the last four to five years! About your list…I actually don’t like any of those drinks. I hate tea of any kind or flavor. I’ve never tried any of the vitamin waters, but I’ve heard they were good. Maybe I should broaden my horizens and try one!

  11. jenmarie on

    WATER! It’s all about water. It’s good for you. 😉 Kinda necessary…
    But I like Mt. Dew too (SJ, that’s probably why it goes so fast at Jeff and Miriams’…everyone has been deprived so we all drink it like we’ll never see it again…)
    Just tried some pomegranate HonestTea white tea, that was pretty good – they were giving out free bottles at the cafeteria… 🙂
    Mint Java Chip frappuccinos and Tropical Tango smoothies are faves too…Raphael says they are unhealthy but I don’t care, they are yummy…

  12. jaynepomuceno on

    Yes, folks the Pepsi boycott has hurt, but press on! We can do it! For the greater good.

    Becka, I’m so with you on buying drinks from the grocery store. Much more bang for your buck.

    James, I thought you guys purposely missed your medication on those days. It was the Mt. Dew! Y’know, I used to really like Mt. Dew, too. I think my tastes have become more sophisticated. But I’m still hanging on to Hawaiian Punch!

    Renae, you don’t like anything on my list? Not one thing? And, yeah, I thought coffee was pretty evil … then I turned 30. I needed something to help get me out of bed. Now I’m ruined!

    Jen, HonestTea is some really good stuff. Even better when they’re free!

  13. Naenae on

    So I am thinking that with 2 Renae’s out there we need to be careful! I almost was like what Jay I like a lot of things on your list and then realized he was talking to Renae Archer! 🙂 It doesn’t even work to use just a last initial because they are the same. I Do have to agree with Jay that Hawaiian Punch is good! This is Renae Ashton by the way! 🙂

  14. James on

    Starbucks used to have a Chocolate Brownie Iced Frappuccino back in the day that was awesome! It actually had chocolate brownie blended into it but small enough to go up the straw. So it was like part coffee, part dessert, and a Venti had enough calories and substance to literally last pretty much all day without being hungry. It rocked, I got hooked, then they discontinued it! Now I have to buy the way overpriced brownie AND a frappuccino and ask them nicely to make one.

  15. Robb on


  16. S.J. on

    Wow Jay, you just lost about half of your youth group with that Dr.Pepper comment… I love Dr.Pepper!!! But unfortunately, I’m trying to kick the soda habit all together… so I cling to my iced teas. I like peach and rasberry. Lipton is partners with Pepsi! Noooo!! (oh and by the way so is SoBe) Any others you think I should try? And before you start naming your super-charged, caffeine-loaded iced teas, remember what caffeine does to me… no, it does not make me go coo-coo bananas hyper. I don’t need help with that.:-) It gives me the reverse of the crash then the high. Weird, I know.

  17. Renae on

    Alright, Jay, I guess I do like Hawaiian Punch.I hardly ever drink it because it’s so sweet and I kind of like the teeth I have.

    C’mon, Jay, no Dr. Pepper????? We’ll probably be drinking that in Heaven!!! (Besides, it is a Coke product…)

  18. Ryan O. on

    Dr. Pepper and Vault FTW!!!

    Pepsi and Arizona Tea are revolting!

  19. Ryan O. on

    *for the win

  20. jaynepomuceno on

    SoBe is a Pepsi product?? Aw, man, ignorance WAS bliss.

    Vault is quite bombalicious. I like caffeine. If I were to redo the list, SoBe would get the boot, Vault would take it’s place. Good call, Ryan!

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