Family Fun in the Mountain Sun


It is surprisingly easy to get our kids to agree to miss a day of school to spend some much needed quality time together.  There’s really no other way for us to do it since Tuesday is my day off, and the other six days are usually pleasantly full.  They don’t seem to mind.  We figured this would be our last chance to enjoy some snow until next winter so we headed up to the Snow Valley Ski Resort area.  I watched from a distance (the ankle is still healing) as they got the most out of their little sled thingy.  Other than Jason finishing off an uncontrolled run with a face-plant, it was a blast.




After their fingers and feet were sufficiently frozen, we headed over to Lake Arrowhead Village.  This Alpine/Scandinavian themed tourist trap is one of our favorite SoCal attractions (hey, another Faves list could be on its way!).  Our first stop was Razzbearies Bakery, which is home to some of the best fresh-baked treats on earth.  We warmed up with some hot chocolate for the BBQ Kids and a mocha for me and Brenna.  Their coffee is absolutely horrendous.  I’d rather have Starbucks (I hate Starbucks).  Hopefully I’ll remember this next time we come up.  But what’s pictured below is pretty much the definition of happiness.  The absolute best Bear Claws are made by this bakery.  To the left is a Cranberry Nut Bar, which is to-die-for.  The chocolate chip cookie is pretty good.  Their cinnamon rolls are very unique and very good.  Dense and moist on the inside (almost like a quick bread, but I can make out the yeasty goodness), a bit crispy on the outside, with a cream cheese frosting that rivals Cinnabon.


The Lake Arrowhead Village has a nice combination of upscale boutiques, mainstream outlets, and family-run specialty shops.  We always find good deals here, and today was no exception!  A cool toy store, waterfront playground, and an array of aquatic wildlife help keep the kids happy.  Feeding the ducks is always a favorite (pictured above).  Fifty cent bags of duck food are available from a number of stores.  In the summer, they have a few more amusement park-type recreational options available.  It’s quite a relief to escape the summer heat, but we won’t be waiting that long to go back!




10 comments so far

  1. Becka on

    How fun! Loved the pics!

  2. janet2000 on

    I homeschool my kids so we call days like this field trips! Shhh, don’t tell! 🙂 We haven’t been to Arrowhead in years. There used to be a great Waffle house right on the waterfront. And a cute little christian book store. Happen to notice if they’re still there?

  3. James on

    Speaking of cinnamon rolls Jay, I have Cinnabons recipe and they rock fresh from a home oven! I was making them at least once a month until I started working weird hours that pretty much have me out of the house all three meals.

    Also, I remember after nursing home ministry Brenna would cook for us annoying hyper teens. One Sunday she made this awesome treat I have been dying for forever now, but have no idea what it is called to look for the recipe. I remember it was orange and rolled up like a pinwheel log with awesome twinky like filling. I couldn’t get enough of it. What is it called?

  4. Jane on

    How fun! My family used to go up to Arrowhead when I was a kid but I haven’t been in years! Need to get back up there. I don’t know though, I was mauled by-in my opinion KILLER-geese and ducks up there and it may bring back some trauma! You should get paid for your blog. This is like an ad for tourists!!! BBQ joints and tourist attractions must get more business because of you!

  5. jaynepomuceno on

    Janet, both the waffle house and book store are still there. Great waffles!

    James, you cook? Sweet! Where did you find the Cinnabon recipe? Care to post it or e-mail? And I think you’re talking about Brenna’s Pumpkin Roll. Yeah, that stuff is bomb-a-licious (Becka, how’s that for a new word?).

    Jane, you were probably tormenting the ducks. They’ve got to be able to protect themselves! And, yeah, just between you and me and my 200 or so regular readers, I’m hoping this will eventually turn into some type of money making operation. Actually, something happens to be in the works. **crosses fingers**

  6. Becka on

    Yeah, awesome word, Jay. I’m gonna have to add that to my dictionary and vocabulary! 🙂

  7. James on

    Yeah, I cook the secret is out haha. I actually started cooking for the family pretty early from my mom being sick so much. I would guess probably junior-highish age was when I had to start learning. I almost went to a Culinary school before going to Pillsbury. I had the school acceptance letter and everything. I still cook a lot but mainly at the house where I work with mentally handicapped guys. The Cinnabon recipe is in your email inbox Jay. 🙂

  8. Jane on

    Okay, well you may have a point! But whether or not I was tormenting them, the fact still remains that to this day, I still flinch every time I see a goose and/or duck!

    But good luck with your “operation”!

  9. Naenae on

    Looks like you had a great time. It has been a while since I have been to Arrowhead. I think my fav meal at your house was Indian Fry Bread. Yum! Haven’t had it in a while. Maybe you should have an old married alumnus and her husband over for some. 🙂 jk Maybe I should just have you email me the recipe although I would probably ruin it!

  10. Robb on

    glad u had a good day jay! u deserve it!

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