Famous Dave’s Giveaway!

ralphs-0731Wow, the BarBeQuethMinistry! continues to grow.  Sometime in the evening of March 25th, we hit the 25,000 hits mark!  We’re continuing to pick up new readers and have been able to re-connect with old friends.  And I’ve only had four or five spam attempts this whole time (thank you WordPress/Akismet)!  It took just over two months to get to the first 10,000 hits, and it’s been about six weeks since that milestone to tally another 15,000 hits.  In celebration of this magic number, I’d like to steal an idea from fellow blogging nerd Jen and offer a GIVEAWAY!  Enter a quick comment for a chance at a $25 Famous Dave’s gift card.  You might want to check the website and make sure they have a location close enough to you to make this worth it.  Make sure your e-mail is correct (that’s how I’ll contact the winner) and let me know where you’re from.  This weekend we’ll randomly pick a number and the corresponding commenter will be the lucky winner.  If you comment multiple times, your first one will be the only valid entry.  Thanks for reading!


50 comments so far

  1. rich on

    love the blog! comin at ya from daly city, ca

  2. Tammy on

    Congrats! You do a great job! 🙂 Stumbled on you on Alpha. Love Famous Daves, there’s one in Vegas.

    -Tammy from Henderson, NV

  3. S.J. on

    Hey Jay. I luv you. *innocence* Remember, I’ve never been to Famous Dave’s. And u can be the chaparone to a would-be great date… 😉

  4. Becka on

    This is fun! Great idea to steal if you’re going to steal one! 🙂 Of course, I never win these, but hey, it’s worth a try. 🙂 Crossing my fingers until I hear from you! lol

    Becka – Greenwood, DE

  5. nwkathy on

    I must agree with a recent commenter who said you should get paid for this. 🙂 We’re planning on vacationing in L.A. and going to Disneyland, Univeral Studios, etc. But we’re also going to make time for Lake Arrowhead, the chocolate cafe (Pasadena?), and Famous Dave’s (whether we win or not!). Looks like one is opening up in Portland, we live about 90 minutes south in Eugene. Keep uo the great work! 🙂

  6. nwkathy on

    P.S. Still waiting on that green chile stew recipe! 😉

  7. Naenae on

    So I am very happy to say “I knew you when…YOu were just starting out!” This is all very exciting and I am looking forward to finding out who the winner is. Ummmm Maybe if I win you and the fam could join us for Famous Dave’s. I would take that over Indian Fry Bread! 🙂 Good luck to everyone! Jay, Pick # 6 🙂

    Renae Ashton-Garden Grove, CA

  8. ocnative on

    I’m in! We’ve tried pretty much everthing you’ve reviewed, including Dickey’s (I agree, it’s awful!).

    Lynne, Mission Viejo CA

  9. Bill Mackey on

    Hey its worth a try! Bill from Allentown, NJ

  10. L.A. Food Bloggin on

    So there is such thing as a free meal!

    Alex, Culver City, CA

  11. john doe on

    from flint michigan. nice blog!

  12. Shonda on

    Sgt mctorture and alpha inv got me hooked! You’re pretty much a daily lunch break stop. God bless! 🙂 Valdosta, GA

  13. fearthefro on

    gotta jump in

    charles el paso, tx

  14. bbqphan on

    we got some serious que here in TN, but i’m willing to give famous daves a try. especially if its on you! -jay m. in nashville, tn

  15. Cindy on

    Found you in a feature on FoodBuzz! I really enjoy your writing, it gives me a taste of home. 🙂 (I’m grew up in Silver Lake) I live in Monroe, MI but work in Toledo, OH and visit FAmous Dave’s there frequently. I’m a Christian too! Keep up the great blogging!

  16. Donna on

    Sign me up!

    Donna from Redlands, CA

  17. Hal on

    fingers crossed in gilroy, ca

  18. ellie on

    always enjoyable reading! may the lord bless you and keep you.

    ellie from middle-of-nowhere, nebraska (but close enough to a famous daves)

  19. jenmarie on

    lol, hey, if you’re gonna steal my idea you can’t call me a nerd. 🙂 It’s one or the other. 🙂
    Well, you already know where I’m from…

  20. Traci on

    Lots of good foodie fodder! Carrabelle, FL

  21. flowersbymegan on

    I never win anything. Anyway, I really enjoy the variety of this blog. More Christians should be writing!

    Megan, Granada Hills, CA

  22. Markus on

    found you lookin for chargers news and have kept up since (im from el cajon). great stuff, inspiational and entertaining. god bless! from gilbert, arizona

  23. Jane on

    hahaha, Jay! I remember that day with Raph and Beach Bum St. Nick!! That was the weirdest Santa I have ever seen! Good times!
    Well I am Jane Pardon from Maui, Hawaii….I WISH! You know where I’m from!

  24. delaney55 on

    I love famous Dave’s and would love to win but we all know how that goes. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  25. William on

    Let me know when Famous Daves comes up to Manitoba! JK!! Don’t put me in the drawing, just wanted to offer my congrats on the milestone and thank you for the cheap entertainment!

  26. Professor Salt on

    Very nice site. We share the same passion for BBQ! Check out my site when you get the chance. Haven’t tried Famous Dave’s yet, but you’ve made it sound great. We’ll see.

    -The Professor: Sherman Oaks, CA

  27. Laurie on

    I’m in! Dave is the best!

  28. jaynepomuceno on

    Manitoba? SERIOUSLY?? That’s crazy! Glad to provide some laughs. Hope you read my post about SoCal weather. William, if you’re close to Winnipeg, maybe I can send you something if your number is drawn (and keep the Famous Dave’s card for myself *evil laughter*). Wow, Manitoba…

  29. Renae on

    Wow. That was all I had to say when I saw that Santa! Only Ralph (or Tommy and Ryan) could pull off a picture like that! Congrats on the milestone! You already know where I’m from!

  30. Robb on

    count me in! and.. u know where am from

  31. Robb on

    mmnn… yummy.. Saltines! 🙂

  32. urfriend2me on

    hey jay count me in u already know where im from an who i am. O an Congrats on the milestone!!!

  33. James A. on

    2500 hits, impressive.

    James A. -Garden Grove

  34. S.J. on

    haha oops… goes to show that u need to read the instructions…. lol… but wait. You KNOW where I’m from already… so um…

    Hi. 🙂

  35. lonestarpreacher on

    theres one here in abilene less than 10 minutes from my house but i’ve never been. heres my chance! thanks for all your candid insights!

  36. Minnesota Mom on

    Famous Dave’s is all over here. He’s pretty much a legend in the upper midwest. Crossing my fingers!

  37. Quaashi Gacoki on

    Wow, looks like you are buying your hits now.

    -Quaashi Gacoki: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

  38. jaynepomuceno on

    lonestar, if I had a Famous Dave’s that close I’d be in trouble. Is it your Texas BBQ pride keeping you from trying a chain from the “outside world”?

    South Africa? You’re kidding, right? I don’t think Dave has any plans to expand that far. If you’re drawn, I’m sure there’s a McDonalds or Starbucks close by!

  39. James on

    Hey Jay, Its me and I love Fameous Dave’s! Lucky Philip got to go with you already in Owatonna. Pretty sure it’s my turn now lol.

  40. Steph on

    can’t resist! -steph from bentonville, ar

  41. Sylvie on

    I’m all about the mom and pop’s bbq joints down in south L.A., but I’ll give FD a try if you’re treating!


    Sylvie in the City of Angels!

  42. sarahandtheboys on

    Alpha Inventions pointed my your direction fairly early on. It was you post about “dreaming” that really got me! Keep up the great work!
    Sarah – Fresno, CA

  43. Mark on

    You’ve been a blessing to this “whipper snapper!” Thanks!

    Mark Trowell, Youth Pastor
    Calvary Baptist Church
    Dickson, TN

  44. jaynepomuceno on

    Sylvie, NO WAY! I actually read your blog regularly! I love your “soul fusion” concept. I’m honored that you would come by.

    I’m waiting on more crazy locations. Manitoba and South Africa … wow … What’s next? Stinkin’ Antarctica??

  45. Ryan O. on

    Oooo . . . a giveaway! I love giveaways!! 🙂

    You-know-who from you-know-where!

  46. Ernest Shackleton on

    What’s wrong with Antarctica?

    The South Pole

  47. jaynepomuceno on

    Score! The South Pole representin’! Mars anyone?

  48. janet2000 on

    How cool, this is like a cyber raffle! Only the prize is much better than tupperware!

    Janet, Tustin, CA (not quite Mars)

  49. jaynepomuceno on

    I deleted a comment and just wanted to explain. It was nothing offensive or derrogatory, but I certainly don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about me (“A good name is rather to be chosen…”). This is mainly for those who count on me to do my job (as youth director; not my hobby as a blogger) and may have read the comment (not likely that many read it, but just in case…). If the seeding was incorrect, it wasn’t because of something I failed to do (if you want details, just axe!). That being said, if you’re the best, or you play the best when it counts, seeding doesn’t matter. Two years ago, my football team had to forfeit two games so we came into the tournament as the third seed. No bye! We won it all, including taking out the top seed who had the bye and was rested. Bottom line, you’ve got to produce when it counts!

  50. Robb on


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