Famous Final Four!

Okay, Famous Dave’s fans, we’ve narrowed it down to four finalists!  We had a total of 40 legitimate entries and had four separate drawings for each group of ten (comments 1-10, 11-20….).  I was really pulling for Quaashi Gacoki from Colorado Springs, South Africa, but fate wasn’t on his side.  We’ll do the final drawing tomorrow.  Here are your BarBeQuethMinistry! Famous Dave’s Giveaway finalists (be sure to check your e-mail Monday!):

Comment #1: Rich from Daly City, CA

Comment #14: Cindy from Monroe, MI

Comment #28: Robb from Alta Loma, CA

Comment #40: Janet from Tustin, CA


4 comments so far

  1. Robb on

    YES!!! I DOMINATE!!!

  2. jaynepomuceno on

    Oh, yeah, Robby, your raffle skills are undeniable!

  3. S.J. on

    That’s it! I’m leaving the youth group! *tears*

  4. Robb on

    haha! i know! its amazing.. but actually its funny.. i wasnt going to even do it.. cause i never win raffles.. but i was like.. whatever.. so even if i dont win… just the fact that i am in the final 4.. with these great competetors along side me.. just.. WOW!!! i cant even put it into words.. (except the ones i just did)….. that was my speach. how did u like it jay?? i have been practicing it for 12 years! lol 🙂

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