Fave Fives XII: Ministerial Duties

100_5304I love my job!  You may think that all a youth director has to do is play basketball and order pizza.  Oh, contraire.  We also play football and sometimes order sub sandwiches!  There are a number of things I do to earn my money (the tithes of the faithful members of Lighthouse Baptist Church), and I pretty much like them all (even locking up).  But only five of my “Ministerial Duties” are worthy of a Fave Fives nod.  Here they are….

1.  Deal with teens at the altar:  This is easily #1.  I’m talking most specifically about dealing with kids at camp.  After about two or three days without TV, internet or the radio, and the Bible really starts to take hold … wow, I can still picture a young man almost running to me before the invitation officially starts; or as most people are leaving the chapel, one young lady remains in her seat, still in tears–all I do is sit and she pours out her heart; another precious young person getting up from the altar, coming up on to the platform to give me a hug and just simply tell me, “Thank you.”; all the commitments, confessions, cries for help … wow….  To be the first human being a teen talks to as their heart burns from the preaching of God’s Word is such an honor.  To witness, first hand, God’s work is … amazing!  And that word really doesn’t do it justice.

2.  Study for messages:  Okay, the next three were tough to rank.  I could mix ’em up on any given day.  But second place has to go to the privilege of preparation.  I feel like a surgeon, dissecting a passage, praying over it, re-reading, praying some more, looking up definitions, asking Matthew Henry’s and/or Charles Spurgeon’s opinions, digging deeper … it really is exciting!  I pretty much pinch myself at the thought that I get paid for this.  But that also puts quite a bit of pressure on me.  The messages better be good!

3.  Take teens on missions trips:  From tent meetings on an indian reservation, to a camp work week in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains, to VBS in the heart of Mormon country and even a stone’s throw away from Siberia (wink, wink to my teens), missions trips are where legends are made!  Stories that are almost unbelievable, that will make you laugh more than a decade later.  Young people getting a special burden for the field and serving in unique ways.  Living in close quarters as one big family, everyone pitching in to cook, clean … steal your clothes while you’re showering.  The privilege to serve alongside missionaries who battle everyday.  Youth groups with good kids should take missions trips.  Youth groups with bad kids should just go to amusement parks.

4.  Lead congregational sing:  I’ve loved song leading since I got my first taste of it as a high schooler.  It is such a blessing seeing people singing out and genuinely enjoying the hymns.  I really do get a thrill just singing, “When we’ve been there ten thousand years …”  “And some sweet day I’ll sing up there …”  “My chains fell off, my heart was free, I rose, went forth and followed thee!”  I can’t begin to describe the elation that comes with leading those great hymns!

5.  Preach:  I know, I know, as a preacher, this should be #1.  Well, it’s just way too scary to top the list.  The pressure is enormous (ginormous, really).  People under the sound of my voice have needs.  Some are hurting.  Some are searching.  Wow, that’s a lot to consider.  All that makes you pray, which is good.  So, yes, I love preaching.  Just not quite as much as the top four.


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  1. Becka on

    I love being involved in ministry and working with the teens. It is so much fun as well as fulfilling to help teenagers better their walk with God. We have a truly great group of kids. I love it!

  2. Naenae on

    Missions trips have a tendency to make us all really good friends. I remember the guys turning off lights while other guys were taking showers in the gym in Farmington. You singing loudly in the shower “I can only imagine what my hair looks like.” so I am glad that is listed in your fav 5.
    I also enjoy being involved in the teen ministry. It is a blessing to be able to encourage teens and to help plan activities and such. You taught me so much in the way you lead our youth group and I have been able to apply things I have learned! Thanks!

  3. jaynepomuceno on

    Becka, you and Matt ever gonna take your teens on a missions trip?

    Renae, another great memory! I did all kinds of ad libbin’ in the shower that week. I remember being kinda embarrassed when I found out you girls could hear me. But I got over it pretty quick!

    It’s too cool that you both are involved in youth ministry.

  4. Becka on

    I don’t know about the missions trip thing. Matt only does the youth work part time and that makes it difficult to plan big stuff (since he is teaching full-time). I guess our church does churchwide type missions trips (as far as anyone can go) and a lot of teens go on those. Last time, they went to Costa Rica. This time was going to be Peru, but our Pastor didn’t have time to put it together. Maybe next summer. We almost did one last year, but there wasn’t enough church interest. It would be so awesome to do that, so we’ll see. It makes it hard when technically our Pastor is the only pastoral staff. Just him, Matt, and the secretary (and Matt is part-time). lol

  5. lonestarpreacher on

    i hear ya about preaching. such an honor but scary. i would put discipleship as one of my favorite things to do as a pastor. watching a baby christan grow is exciting! as a youth pastor we did a couple missions trips to mexico and they were a blast!

  6. S.J. on

    “It’s Russia!!! I see Russia!!”
    *sigh* good times. Jay again, I must say, thank you for all you do. 🙂 I’m glad to be apart of some of those memories…

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