Fave Fives XIII: Convenience Foods

spam-museumYou know what I mean, the stuff you either take out of a can or pull out of a freezer.  They’re usually seasoned with salt, sodium, kosher salt, sodium nitrate and iodized salt, and preserved with substances that, in high quantities, can be used to wipeout whole villages in Papua New Guinea.  As a foodie who enjoys high end Portuguese Extra Virgin Olive Oil, I also have a strange adoration for a few of these “Convenience Foods”.  Here are my faves….

1.  Spam:  One of my favorite foods period!  Simply fried in a bit of oil with some rice (garlic fried rice and a fried egg make it uber-special!), BBQ’d, or battered and deep fried, it’s just hard to go wrong with this truly All-American treat.

2.  AM PM Food:  The convenience store that boasts “Too Much Good Stuff!”  I just love the cheap eats found in the glass warming case.  Who cares how long those burgers, hot dogs, and chicken sandwiches have been sitting there?  The hamburger patties are a strange gray-ish color, the chicken patties are always soggy and the buns are stale.  I don’t know why I like AM PM food, but I do.  Being able to top them how you want is remotely remiscent of Fuddruckers.  Remotely.

3.  Vienna Sausages:  Those salty, tiny sausages in the cute little cans, marinating in a strange, opaque gelatinous substance that has a resemblance to … oh, let’s not go there.  I can eat a couple cans at a time!

4.  TV Dinners:  These barely pass as food, but I like ’em!  Don’t ask me why!  The mashed potatoes are like glue, fried chicken soggy and salty, and you know the veggies have been nuked into a wasteland of non-nutritive blandness.

5.  Jalapeno Poppers:  Jalapeno’s stuffed with cream cheese, then breaded and deep fried.  The freezer version doesn’t compare to the BBQthDirector’s Wife’s freshly made fare, but might tasty nonetheless.  Perfect for watching the big game!

What pre-packaged goodness do you have in your freezer or cupboard?


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  1. James A. on

    I like jalapeno poppers but not really a big fan of the rest on the list. I’ll have to think of what favorite would be. Give me some time.

  2. Jane on

    Wow, Jay….sorry not with ya on any of those! I was actually kind of grossed out reading those….
    My quick grabs usually involve chocolate….haha

  3. S.J. on

    yay! Your list was awesome for the most part. I was 3/5. Spam,vienna sausages, and the weird goodness of AM PM food (I like it… though I’m not sure if I would put it on the list). Maybe not in the same order or next to each other but yeah…
    I like tostino’s pizza rolls… :-)and popcorn I think, might make it somewhere in that list too. I need more time to think about this… lol

  4. jaynepomuceno on

    Finally, a Spam fan! I was close to losing all hope for the human race. And I understand getting a bit grossed out by some of these items (not Spam, though). These five faves are just about the only five convenience foods I like. I’m not down with frozen burritos or hot pockets. Well, S.J., I’m pretty cool with pizza rolls, too! And, Jane, if it involves chocolate, it’s not a convenience food. It is automatically gourmet!

  5. giantsfreak on

    I am fine with most of your list, but i cannot even stand looking at the “food” at AM/PM or similar stores. I would probably replace it with something like Easy Mac, even though I have had some interesting experiences with it. http://dashprod.com/2008/12/06/easy-mac/

  6. Becka on

    Yeah, pizza rolls. That is our normal Sunday night snack. In our freezer, we have a lot of chicken nuggets, fish sticks, and french fries. Oh! And I also love those Toaster Pastries. Yum! Let’s see cupboard. We eat a lot of canned fruit. It last longer than the fresh stuff and is still mostly good for you! Matt is a huge fan of applesauce. 🙂

  7. James A. on

    Pop-tarts sound good.

  8. jaynepomuceno on

    Oh, yeah, fish sticks! How could I forget? And who doesn’t like Pop Tarts? My fave flavor is brown sugar and cinnamon. Or chocolate.

    Daniel, you may have inspired a coming post. Easy Mac … nice.

  9. jenmarie on

    EEEEWWW. I think you might have just lost all your “real food” audience. I am not a food snob by any means, but that list does not sound good at all. lol

  10. janet2000 on

    This list is somewhat shocking! I must confess, I really enjoy the convenience of mozarella sticks and bagel bites!

  11. giantsfreak on

    Does a spoon-full of peanut butter count as a convenience food?

  12. Renae on

    Jay, I agree wih most of your list too! I’m not really a big fan of tv dinners and I’ve never had Vienna sausages (they really don’t look very good), I totally agree with the rest of the stuff. One of my favarite ways to eat spam is with brown sugar! Mrs. Torres or Darlene usually cook it that way and it is sooooo good!

  13. jaynepomuceno on

    I’ve still got to try it with brown sugar. Sounds like it would make a nice contrast with the saltiness of the Spam (kinda like a nice glazed ham). Maybe we’ll do it up that way in Wyoming this year.

  14. Chloe' on

    I’m 4/5….vienna sauages are so gross!!! how can you people honestly eat those…ew…

  15. jaynepomuceno on

    Four out of five? That’s cool, I’ll take that!

  16. mrred on

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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