My Five Minutes of Famous

jason-160Yeah, yeah, I know it’s actually “fifteen minutes of fame“, please allow me some literary license!  Early this morning I recorded a voice over for a national television spot that is in the works for Famous Dave’s Legendary Pit Bar-B-Que.  That’s right, the BBQthDirector will be in a commercial!  I was “discovered” by JRP, a film and video production company working on a summer advertising campaign for Dave.  It was my January post “Famous Dave for President” that caught their attention.  In addition to the TV spot, I’ll be participating in a summer internet campaign to help further Dave’s cause.

Wow, what an honor!  I’m hoping this will open doors for bigger and better things (not that it gets much bigger than this).  My ultimate goal, an appearance in a “” commercial.  C’mon, can’t you just see/hear me: “F-R-E-E, that spells free … credit report dot com, baby!”  Oh, yeah, that would be bomb-diggity!

**Oh, and just for clarification, the recording session lasted about five minutes, hence, the post title!


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  1. Becka on

    Cool. When it comes out you will have to find a way to post it in case we don’t get to see it!

    Our teens are always singing the songs! Crack up!

  2. Naenae on

    That is awesome! I hope your career in commercials will go far! 🙂 I am looking forward to hearing the commercial.

  3. Antonia on

    So happy for you!

  4. Daniel on

    Just don’t forget all of us little people that helped make you famous.

  5. jenmarie on

    Will we see you in a commercial, or just hear your voice? I hope you got to say something really deep and profound…

  6. jaynepomuceno on

    I’ve been told that there’ll be a picture of me along with a printed quote from my post, “Famous Dave for President!” As well as the voice over of me saying these deep and profound words. It was a trip doing the recording with the sound studio over the phone. I think they had me do it about 50 times. “Okay, go really over the top … now slower … faster … really fast this time … this time let’s have more emphasis on president …”

    So, it will actually be more like five SECONDS of fame. Plus, I’m getting paid, which is a huge answer to prayer. I’m going out to James Burrow’s wedding, and this little gig is pretty much going to cover the plane ticket! Isn’t God good?

  7. Naenae on

    Cool! Doesn’t God know how to provide!

  8. Jane on

    Wow…..that is intensely cool! You’ve hit the big time now!
    “Bomb-diggity”….I say that but hardly hear anyone else use it! I love it!!!

  9. janet2000 on

    Wow! Today, Famous Dave’s commercial….tomorrow a full movie deal! Maybe as Sgt McTorture?

  10. Robb on

    U ARE MY HERO!!!

  11. jaynepomuceno on

    No, no, no, Robby, that word is to be reserved for SEALs such as yourself. Please, I’m not worthy.

    Jane, I actually got bomb-diggity from you! I’m not creative enough to come up with stuff like that. I rely on people like you and Becka to enhance my vocabulary.

    Janet, you know, that seems to be the natural next step. Or maybe a made-for-TV movie about my life. They could probably get The Rock or Cuba Gooding, Jr. to play me.

  12. Jane on

    Wow….so exciting that I introduced that stellar word to you! I feel so honored that my vocab is creative enough to be copied!!! 🙂

  13. S.J. on

    AHHHHH!!!!! I know a celebrity!!! Can I have your autograph?! Wait, I already do! Score!


  14. jaynepomuceno on

    Exclamation points are pretty cool…. But … my favorite punctuation mark … the elipsis….

  15. L.A. Food Bloggin on

    Wow that kind of star power could really help la.foodblogging! Is there any way to get you to re-consider joining us? 🙂 JK! Congrats!

  16. lonestarpreacher on

    that’s great! youve been a great ambassador! finally went to FD and it was pretty good. awesome ribs!

  17. S.J. on

    I… LOVE… ELIPSISES… !… !… !… 🙂
    Wait… elipsi…? *shrugs*

  18. lizz on

    sweet i cant wait 2 c it

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