Blogging “Trick” #1

Don’t worry, I understand I’m no super star (this won’t be a series; just keeping with my Youth Ministry “Trick” theme).  I’m well over the 30,000 hits mark right now, but I know some of the heavy hitters of the blogging world reach that every week (blogging royalty, every day).  I get that.  But for an absolute nobody, I’m not doing too bad.  That being said, here’s a trick that might help drive traffic to your blog:

Write a post about the Candy Land board game!

Seriously, I get 20-30 hits every stinkin’ day from people searching for Candy Land.  I’m sure most of them are disappointed to run into my DEVO about this classic board game (so many strangers view that post, I’ve added a link to my church’s salvation page–a few have taken the bait!).  My guess is that a few have become BarBeQuethMinistry! regulars.  I’m getting new readers somehow.  On a daily basis, five or so folks come by looking for restaurant reviews, and one or two people for each of the following: youth ministry resources, BBQ/cooking info, Famous Dave’s,, and saltines (go figure).  Candy Land is easily my best search engine weapon!

Try it.  I’m curious if it happens to anyone else.


7 comments so far

  1. Jane on

    Wow Jay, thanks for the tip! I loved that game growing up so I can surely think of a few things to say about it! Pretty funny though…
    Oh, and I am excited because I am the first one to comment on this! Usually by the time I get to your blog, I am the 14th or so one to comment! But look at me now…#1 Commenter! Woohoo! I am either really rad or really pathetic…I opt for RAD!

  2. giantsfreak on

    Great advice, this has somewhat worked for me too. I wrote a post about Brian Regan and one about Easy Mac so I have gotten hits from people looking for those topics. So pretty much the advice is to mention something popular in your posts.

  3. Becka on

    hmmm..something popular, like maybe…Wawa? lol Okay, j/k.

  4. Renae on

    lol I am happy with my small group of readers! 🙂 but if I ever want to get a lot of people I will keep that in mind.

  5. Renae on

    BTW Tell Jay Jay I said Happy Birthday! 😉

  6. jenmarie on

    lol, yeah…I used to get a lot of “redhead” hits – there’s not a lot out there for redheads…but I’m not really trying to get hits or write a blog for “regular readers”…more just for close friends and fam so…
    But I’ll keep the Candy Land idea in mind if I ever want to make this more than a little hobby. 🙂

  7. […] pingbacks and links.  Also fueled by the Famous Dave’s campaign and the mysterious power of CandyLand, the BarBeQuethMinistry has been catapulted to well over 100,000 hits, as well as spending many […]

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