Your Prediction?

Well, there’s been a bit of a change for the Famous Dave’s national TV spot that the BBQthDirector will be “starring” in (tongue firmly implanted in cheek).  “The Powers That Be” changed their minds on the line they initially wanted me to say (“Famous Dave for President!”–outdated, I’m guessing).  Luckily, they still want me in the commercial!  They asked me for a few of my thoughts on FD and will decide on which one I’ll be saying.  Which of the following do you think will be chosen (my personal fave is the last one)?


Still waiting to get discovered by….


7 comments so far

  1. rufeo on

    I got my vote in, but I’m not going unfairly influence the poll by telling my favorite.

  2. giantsfreak on

    I voted!! Do i get an “I voted” sticker?

  3. Renae on

    I voted! 🙂

  4. S.J. on

    hehe! I feel so important voting! And I’m not even 18 yet!

  5. janet2000 on

    “Holy Smokes!” is just too perfect! Would be a great name for a barbecue restaurant if you ever opened one up!

  6. jaynepomuceno on

    Thanks for participating, folks! So, my #2 choice looks to be the run-away favorite. And, yes, Janet, already thought of that. If I ever got into catering or competing, “Holy Smokes” would be the name.

    Stickers woulda been a nice touch, but…

  7. lonestarpreacher on

    agreed, Holy Smokes is great!! your right about brisket, if its done right you don’t really need any teeth!

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