Best of the Best


There are so many different food items that I really like to eat.  In SoCal (that would be from Ventura down to San Diego), here are the BBQthDirector’s choices for the best eats!  I welcome your tips/suggestions.

-Ribs: Kansas City BBQ Company (N. Hollywood)

-Brisket: Famous Dave’s BBQ (national chain)

-Hot Links: It’s In The Sauce BBQ (Ventura)

-Pork: It’s In The Sauce BBQ

-Tri Tip: It’s In The Sauce BBQ

-Chicken: Pampas Brazilian BBQ (L.A. Farmer’s Market)

-BBQ Sauces: Famous Dave’s

-Cole Slaw: Famous Dave’s

-Beans: It’s In The Sauce

-Potato Salad: Pampas Brazilian BBQ

-Fries: Rally’s (regional chain)

-Onion Rings: Lucille’s (regional chain)

-Fried Zucchini: Connal’s (Pasadena)

-Corn Bread: Robin’s BBQ (Pasadena)

-Bread: Pat & Oscar’s (regional chain) Breadsticks

-Salad: Pat & Oscar’s Greek

-Chicken Strips: Lucille’s

-Mozarella Sticks: Johnny Carino’s (national chain)

-Fried Chicken: Donahoo’s (Pomona)

-Hot Dog: Pink’s Chili Dog (L.A. County Fair)

-French Dip Sandwich: Philippe’s (downtown Los Angeles)

-Sandwich: Point Loma Seafoods (San Diego) Smoked Tuna

-Fish ‘N Chips: Andria’s Seafood and Fish Market (Ventura)

-Sushi: Point Loma Seafoods

-Tartar Sauce: Point Loma Seafoods

-Carne Asada: Ramiro’s (Montclair)

-Carnitas: Lily’s (Pomona)

-Chile Rellenos: Alberto’s (regional chain)

-Nachos: Lily’s

-Chips and Salsa: Los Jarritos (Pomona)

-Fish Tacos: Senor Baja (regional chain)

-Pizza: Bronx Pizza (San Diego)

-Coffee: Leonidas Chocolate Cafe (international chain)

-Tea: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (regional chain)

-Ice Cream: Handel’s (regional chain) Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

-Mall Food: Cinnabon (national chain)

-Most unique food: Manni’s Bakery (West L.A.)

-Best place for a crowd: Buca di Beppo (national chain)

-Most romantic place to eat: Tutti Mangia (Claremont)

-Most ghetto fabulous place to eat: San Pedro Fish Market (San Pedro)


10 comments so far

  1. unitary on

    I love this blog!

  2. Renae on

    lol those all sound great. I am glad you have favorites. 🙂

  3. Becka on

    Whoa, quite a list!

  4. Shonda on

    I’m now in GA (Georgians are crazy about their hot dogs) but the best hot dog place ever is Skoobys in Hollywood. I grew up in Crenshaw, my family would make a monthly trip to skoobys for awesome dogs and insanely good fries (from real potatoes)! My parents would always get the garlic lover’s dog. Wow you’ve really made me homesick! 🙂

    God Bless!!

  5. janet2000 on

    We like Jodi Maroni’s Sausage Kingdom at “The Block” in Orange. I’m curious, what’s so unique about Manni’s Bakery? (I have a serious sweet tooth!)

  6. L.A. Food Bloggin on

    While we’re on the subject of weiners, how does this sound:

    Jerry’s WOOD-FIRED Hot Dogs

    Now that I have your attention, this is absolutely, positively the best hot dog in L.A.!!! (Jerry’s is actually in La Habra) I work close by and go there for lunch at least once a week. The hot dogs themselves are great then you add all the toppings you want! I’ve been to Pink’s and it pales in comparison.

  7. jaynepomuceno on

    Shonda, look at what you started! Garlic lover’s hot dog?? Wood-fired hot dogs??? Goodness, gracious, so much research, so little time!

    Janet, Manni’s Bakery puts a wholesome twist on the most decadent treats you can imagine. From using whole grains, to weird, natural sweeteners, it really is so different. But different in a good way. We love this place. Great espresso, too!

  8. aleassa on

    Johnny Carino’s is the best!

  9. jaynepomuceno on

    Yeah, Aleassa, Carino’s has some good stuff! Their bread and garlic oil is so much better than Olive Garden’s ghetto breadsticks. We went yesterday, they have an internet deal for moms to get a free entree. Check out their website!

  10. […] To Jay, This next Tuesday afternoon I’m heading with my yearbook class to Famous Dave’s Restaurant in Long Beach.  Totally looking forward to it. […]

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