vac 074Three words:  Deep.  Fried.  Dog.  Okay, here’s one more:  Wow!  Smack dab in the middle of the San Fernando Valley, a legend is in the making.  Nathan’s in New York and Super Dawgs in Chicago are certainly the heavy weights of the weiner world, but Fab Hot Dogs will one day find itself featured in a book and/or a Food Network special.  It will be one of the darlings of frankfurter fans across this great nation.  Remember, you heard it here first.

Read the BBQthDirector’s restaurant reviews and you’ll know that I’m not quick to proclaim such lofty praise on a food establishment.  I will always give my honest opinion.  I’m not getting paid for this.  Fab Hot Dogs hasn’t asked me for permission to use an itty-bitty picture of myself for a commercial.  My experience in this tiny place with seating for maybe ten people is one I want to share with those who think hot dogs are just okay.  I’m confident you’ll leave this place with a greater appreciation for the humble hot dog.  The BBQthDirector’s Wife is not a big fan of hot dogs, but she thoroughly enjoyed her Chicago Dog:

vac 071

Who cares about the Bulls, Bears or Cubs?  In my mind (and stomach), Chicago’s claim to fame is it’s hot dog.  Fab’s all beef beauty is authentically garnished with yellow mustard, neon green relish, tomato, onions, a pickle, hot peppers and celery salt.  The delivery system of a soft poppy seed bun is yet another nod to Chicago classicism.  It’s the real deal.  And it’s real good!

The BBQthDirector’s choice may seem quite plain in comparison, but the taste and texture was truly the greatest hot dog experience I’ve ever had!  “The Bald Eagle” is as majestic as it’s name:  a deep fried dog topped with Fab’s homemade mustard relish.  Goodness, please give me a moment to drool and mumble incoherently as I look back fondly on this special occassion.

Om nom nom nom nom nom ...

Om nom nom nom nom nom ...

Known as the ripper, the deep fried dog is slightly charred, a bit crispy, perfectly juicy and crazy tasty!  The relish is a mix of chopped pickles and onions and compliments the hot dog without overpowering it.  And is there a cuter food on earth than tater tots?  These are not your soggy elementary school cafeteria tots.  They’re nice and crisp, a great change of pace from your everyday fries.  We ordered ranch garlic fries that were very good.  My only complaint is that the garlic wasn’t mixed around real well.  But they were burp-a-licious, nonetheless.  If you’re a fan of chili dogs, this place delivers, as well.  This rich concoction of homemade deliciousness was easily one of the best restaurant chilis I’ve ever had.

We tried to hook up with youth group alum, Melinda Rollema, who was finishing up her school teacher duties and couldn’t get to Fab.  We’ll plan better next time.  I guarantee, there’ll be a next time.

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14 comments so far

  1. Renae on

    SOunds like you really enjoyed your hotdog. 🙂

  2. Robby on

    WOW!!! that sounds like some good stuff!!!

  3. S.J. on

    I already told you that I’m good to try the place out with you and Chloe` and whoever else you asked in your van. And what do u do? You go behind my back! I’m hurt Jay. lol jk. hmmm. I have a craving for hotdogs… thanks alot. Look what you’ve done… now I’m hungry.

  4. Becka on

    Okay, so now I am really hungry for a hotdog! And I just ate breakfast! lol

  5. flowersbymegan on

    That’s just a few miles away from me, but I’ve never heard of it! I’ll be going soon!

  6. jenmarie on

    Wow, ha ha, that top hot dog looks more like a piece of art (with all that color) than edible food!

  7. jaynepomuceno on

    You said it, Jen … a piece of art!

  8. L.A. Food Bloggin on


  9. duodishes on

    A good dog would really hit the spot right now.

  10. jaynepomuceno on

    duodishes, thanks for stopping by. You have some really great ideas on your blog!

  11. Ilan on

    ok so they were on triple d last week so you are right they were on food channel. Expect the wait to be 4x longer now!

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