The Power of Persistence


Starting on June 1st, I’ll be involved in Famous Dave’s “Quest For the Best Famous Fan” summer promotion (as I said here, I’ll let you know soon how you can help me win some really cool prizes).  I’ve been preparing and researching and ran into Famous Dave Anderson’s blog.  I wanted to post this before the campaign so that people wouldn’t think I was just trying to butter up the big guy in order to win.  These thoughts are just too important to be used in that way.  I had been told that Famous Dave was a “spiritual man”, but that could mean a lot of things.  It was a blessing to read this:

What was the turning point in my life?  During treatment for alcohol abuse, I finally came to an understanding that I couldn’t do it by myself anymore and that I needed help from a higher power. Once I was able to surrender my arrogance and being full of myself, I was able to find the humility I needed to ask for help. I found that there is great power and victory in surrender. It was there on my knees that I said, “God if there was ever a time to take over my life…the time is now. Jesus, I need your forgiveness and Holy Spirit I want you to come dwell within me.”

What you just read is the most important section of an inspiring article entitled “The Power of Persistence: You Can’t Stop Someone Who Won’t Quit”.  It is the testimony of a man who has made millions, but knows true riches.  It’s not a sermon, but there’s a whole lot in there that’ll preach!  It might be a bit lengthy for some of you, so here are some highlights:

Success is really about ordinary people giving ordinary circumstances an extraordinary effort.

No one has ever been defeated by an obstacle. Obstacles are only given their power from defeated minds.

Even the most insurmountable adversity, hardship, and challenge is necessary to forging your character of determination and persistence. Don’t abandon the opportunities that can only be created through adversity.


7 comments so far

  1. James Burrow on

    I KNEW IT! God had to have been blessing Fameous Dave’s! Food like that…mm mm good hallelujah

  2. Becka on

    lol That’s awesome.

  3. Robby on

    AMEN!!! Bro. Dave!!!

  4. jaynepomuceno on

    “hallelujah” “awesome” “amen”

    ‘Nough said.

  5. Jane on

    Wow, that is so awesome! Sounds like so A.A. influence, too.

  6. Jane on

    Oops, I meant “some” AA influence…

  7. S.J. on

    “…there is great power and victory in surrender.” Wow I love that line!

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