My Quest to be the Best

5-16 034I’ve mentioned that I’ll be needing your help for an upcoming Famous Dave’s summer promotion.  On Tuesday, May 26th, the FD website will spotlight ten “Famous Fans” who will be competing for the title “Best Famous Fan in America” (get a sneak peak here–do I hook you up, or what?).  Each fan has come up with some type of “grassroots campaign” that Famous Dave’s and JRP will be following.  They’re looking for individuality and creativity in our campaigns (which I’ll be unveiling on Tuesday) as well as our submissions to weekly challenges they’ll be putting out (you all can possibly win prizes by taking on these challenges through the BarBeQuethMinistry!).  They’ll also be looking for what kind of chatter we’re stirring up.

This is where YOU come in.

My readership continues to steadily grow (and it’s very cool to see the international reach of the BarBeQuethMinistry! through the ClustrMaps tool) but a lot of you can sure provide a boost.  If you tweet, blog, chat, debate in forums, flickr, or even forward retarded e-mails, you have some influence I don’t.  Could you help spread the word about my campaign?  Please?  Pretty, pleeeeease…

With Famous Dave’s Rich and Sassy BBQ Sauce on top?

If you’re reading this, there’s something you can do to get readers here.  Post.  Link.  Tell/message all your “friends”.  If my campaign peaks your interest enough to get you into an FD, leave a comment.  You can be honest.  If you don’t like their ribs, that’s fine!  We’ll all know you’re an idiot, and you have the right in this country to be an idiot.  If I am–or have been–the least bit influential in turning you into a fan, leave a comment when called for.  What’s in it for you?  Nothing!

But I can win free Famous Dave’s for a year!

And a trip to Minnesota to give Famous Dave himself some serious props!  And probably a hearty man-hug.  Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned that, lest he think I’m some sort of weirdo.


7 comments so far

  1. Robby on

    YA FAMOUS DAVES!!! I cant wait to go again!! it was SO GOOD!!! it was the best EVER!!! its now my fave!!! i cant wait to go with you this summer!!! and the thing 2nite was awesome!!! good job!

  2. Mr. Robinson on

    I’ll be sure to post my view on it when we go to famous daves i cant wait. i see what robby had to say it must be good then

  3. Jane on

    Jay, sorry I missed your haiku! I’m really stoked to hear it, though! I’m sure it was very inspirational and life-changing! And for the testimony’s, I thought you’d said you wanted over the top, but then I realized you meant the crowd reaction, not the testimony’s. Oh well! Hope you can still use our over-dramatized testimony! Haha!
    And, I must say I’ve never been to Famous Dave’s, but I really want to go! After hearing about it for so long, it’s really got my curiosity -and my taste buds- going! 🙂

  4. Becka on

    JAY!!!! I saw you on tv last night – twice! Of course, the first time, Matt blinked so he didn’t see you the first time, but he did the second time! That’s right. We saw the Famous Dave’s commercial twice last night while we were watching the news. It was pretty weird to see you looking at me from the tv, but there you were in living color. It was way cool.

  5. jaynepomuceno on

    Sweet! You gonna be able to hook me up with some free advertising?

  6. Becka on

    Hmm…well I can at least tell everyone I know that you are on there and tell them to go and do whatever it is they have to do – vote for you? lol

  7. jenmarie on

    What are we supposed to be telling ppl?

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