Buenos Nachos!

5-16 040The Not-Cho Ordinary Nachos are only offered for a limited time, so get on down to Dave’s to partake in this creative fusion I like to call Mexi-Que!  The BBQ purist side of me was initially nervous at what could fairly be described as a risk.  But kudos to Famous Dave for thinking outside of the smoker!  This is definitely one of the most unique items you’ll find at a BBQ restaurant.  Here’s what you’ll find heaped onto a platter of tri-colored chips: your choice of brisket, chopped pork or pulled chicken, Wilbur beans, famous chili, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, seasoned sour cream, and Dave’s Rich and Sassy BBQ sauce!  C’mon, Dave’s BBQ sauce could almost make your gym socks edible.  Okay, not edible, but … tasty!?

All kinds of yummy deliciousness, I know, but I was concerned that it would be just too much for the senses.  Somehow, in some magical way, it works!  I split it with BBQ Boy III and was stuffed silly.  Here’s a handy eating tip:  share with a kindergartner!  Picture this scenario:  “Look, Jason, is that Wilbur the Pig?”  Then the trusting six year old turns and I move in for another piece of brisket!  Muahahahaha!

Okay, as a food critic, I must offer some constructive criticism.  The brisket, while perfectly succulent and flavorful, was piled on in rather large slices.  Smaller chunks would make for a more pleasant eating experience.  The chopped pork might be the way to go.  And as much as I adore the Wilbur Beans as a side dish, I found myself scooping them out of the way to eat separately.  They were the only topping that I thought didn’t fit real well.  Still, Famous Dave’s should consider making this a permanent addition to the menu.  Overall, good stuff!

But you should decide for yourself what fits and what doesn’t (c’mon, Jen, we know you’re crazy about nachos!).  Split it with some friends as an appetizer, or split it with an easily distracted young child as a meal.

**Didja sign up for the P.I.G. Club?  See the previous post for details.**


6 comments so far

  1. Renae on

    Looks good! I am not a huge nacho fan but I might have to try them! 🙂

  2. Becka on

    Wow, that made me hungry for nachos. Wish I had more chances to go to Famous Dave’s. I wish I could go with Jen! 🙂 She is the nacho lover – you got that right, Jay.

  3. Jen on

    I saw that on the menu (online) and was like “I never saw that before!” lol. I haven’t tried it yet, but definitely they should make it permanent. 🙂 If I get over there sometime soon I will definitely be trying the nachos (minus the jalapenos), thanks for the review!

  4. jaynepomuceno on

    We won the first challenge, folks! Thanks to all who helped!

  5. Angel on

    Yep i already signed up. Those nachos look good, i’ll give it a try on my next visit. Have u tried any of their desserts? (If u have any room left for it) their bread pudding is delicious..

  6. jaynepomuceno on

    Oh, yeah, they’ve got BOMB desserts! The Pecan Pie is my fave, with the Bread Pudding a close second. I’ll be reviewing the Sweet Dixie Minis next week!

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