Challenge #2: Fill in the Blanks

6-2-09 030

The BBQthDirector chillin' with Famous James Nille, the G.M. of the Rancho Cucamonga Famous Dave's. I've never known an inanimate object to smell as delicious as that pit smoker behind us did!

The pressure is on after winning Challenge #1. I could have never imagined how a simple haiku could have such an impact on the world. A good Pastor friend of mine was so moved, that he called shortly after watching the video. We spoke about the possibility of revival sweeping across the land. I think if this gets to the right people, a peace treaty can possibly be brokered in the middle east. Okay, enough of my delusional ramblings.

Challenge #2 comes right out of the world of standardized achievement testing. Make the comparison by filling in the blanks:

Famous Dave is to BBQ as __________ is to __________.

The readers and followers of these campaigns can get in on the challenges as well. You can get your submissions in by leaving a comment by the end of the week.  To get the full effect of the BBQthDirector’s submission, it would be best to do these three things.

1.  Play the video (nothing really to watch, the background music is what’s important; special thanks to the Danz family … whoever you are)

2.  Stand and do one of the following: put your right hand over your heart; salute; or get into your best super-hero pose.

3.  Read it out loud in a deep voice and with patriotic fervor.

In position?  Okay, click play and commence reading….

As children, we read about a young nation in turmoil, but a great leader emerging to preserve the union and bring freedom to all people!  Abraham Lincoln was a true American hero.  I look back with regret on my dark days before Dave.  Thinking the way to cook ribs was to boil them in a pot.  Watching well meaning backyard grillers torching chicken over the blue flame.  And sandwiches?  Ever heard of the McRib?  I just thought that was the way things were.

Then one summer I found myself in Minneapolis with a Famous Dave’s garbage can lid in front of me.  What?  Perfectly cooked, flavorful chicken?  Isn’t brisket supposed to be “corned” and served for St. Patrick’s Day?  Is it really supposed to just melt in my mouth?  Why aren’t the ribs water-logged and mushy?  What’s that I’m tasting?  Hickory?  Wait, it’s not just the hickory I’m tasting.  There’s something more.  It’s … it’s …

Freedom!  Oh, sweet, succulent freedom!  Famous Dave’s has freed me from the clutches of fake BBQ.  No more bondage from boiled ribs or torment from torched chicken.  Thus, I proclaim to the world:

Famous Dave is to BBQ as Abraham Lincoln is to the United States of America!


17 comments so far

  1. jaynepomuceno on

    Okay, how ’bout some motivation for commenting? We’re creeping up on comment #1000. I’ll have a nice prize for that lucky participant. So give a shout out! I promise, it doesn’t hurt and it’s not fattening.

    And don’t forget to sign up for the P.I.G. Club (see the post “The Perfect Birthday Gift” on May 29 for details). It’s like voting for me.

    Yes, we can! Yes, we can!

  2. Renae on

    Very nice! It made me smile! Good luck on the Challenges and hopefully your other readers will have a response to this challenge
    All I can com up with is: Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as ___________ is to _______________. yes i left them blank on purpose because I can’t come up with a comparison. 🙂

  3. Daniel Ashton on

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as Babe Ruth is to baseball.

  4. pocospage on

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as hockey is to Canada.

  5. Jane on

    Delusional ramblings? I don’t think so! That haiku changed my life and is already changing the world! I’ve already heard rumors of a cure for cancer being discovered because of Que for Two….
    Good luck with challenge #2 and CONGRATS on winning #1!

  6. James A. on

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as lemonade is to a hot summer’s day.

  7. mommyof3 on

    Okay, so my challenge follows in the patriotic spirit:

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ, what Lady Liberty is the USA!!

  8. Becka on

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as turkey is to Thanksgiving!
    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as the dewey decimal system is to a librarian. (Or library of congress – whatever you happen to use).
    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as a toothbrush is to a dentist.

    Okay, so enjoyed the wonderful background music as I read the remainder of this post. lol Nice. Umm…Yes, “I” can! Yes, we can. 🙂

  9. Daniel Ashton on

    I got a few more.

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as texting is to teenagers.
    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as the force is to Star Wars.
    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as macaroni is to cheese.

  10. Jen on

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as steroids are to Manny Ramirez!

    (and I don’t want to hear any Bonds comments bc he never tested positive) lol

  11. jaynepomuceno on

    Very nice, everyone! I thought of a few more:

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as Spam is to processed meats.
    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as Belgium is to chocolate.
    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as San Diego is to weather.

    This is so much fun…

  12. Robby on

    very nice day Jay!!! here i got one!
    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as Robby is to Cool.. 😀
    you like it??

  13. jaynepomuceno on

    Nice, Robby. I think that’s what we were all thinking.

    From the BBQthDirector’s Wife:
    …as Everest is to mountains.

    From BBQ Boy II:
    …as LaDainian Tomlinson is to running backs.

    Another from me:
    …as Barry Bonds is to mysterious muscle development in your late thirties.

  14. Daniel Ashton on

    …as facebook is to social networking
    …as Jay is to the other Famous Dave’s Famous Fans

  15. jaynepomuceno on

    Daniel, you win!

  16. Dan the Man on

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ…as a nap is to Sunday afternoon.

    …as Surf is to Turf.

    …as Apple Pie is to America.

    …as Tiger is to the Masters.

    …as Obama is to Hope & Change.

    Rima’s ~

    …as Lance Armstong is to the Tour de France.

    …as the Pyramids are to Egypt.

    …as the Porsche is to the sports car.

  17. Clint on

    Wow Dan as Tiger to the masters was great Rima the Lance Amrstrong thing was amazing so ill give it a try…

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as Jeff Gordon is to NASCAR
    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as A Bride is to a wedding
    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as cow is to texas

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