Sauce Battle: Famous Dave’s vs. Gates

gates2 006

First of all, congratulations to “mommyof3”, Rima from Pomona, CA, for being commenter #1000!  Get this, the 1000th comment happened to be comment #7 on my 100th post (James and Becka, you were so close, yet so far).  She wins a bottle of Famous Dave’s Rich ‘N Sassy BBQ Sauce.  Speaking of BBQ sauce….

Recently, a good man brought back some Gates BBQ sauce for me from Kansas City.  Gates is definitely one of the big names of BBQ in a city that’s popular for its smok-a-licious fare.  I had it on some form of protein as soon as I could get home and was immediately impressed.  I found myself looking for reasons to eat it (I found it to be great with tri tip, hot dogs and spam).  An excellent sauce that is slightly sweet, with a good tanginess and nice kick.

A few days later, one of my Jr. Highers returned from a road trip with his dad and brought me some Devil’s Spit!  I tell you, that boy is going places!  We had run out and haven’t had the chance to replace it for a couple weeks (don’t worry, Sweet ‘N Zesty and Georgia Mustard were holding the fort).  Now with two heavy-weights in the house, I had to have them duke it out.  A sauce battle for the ages, “thrilla in Manilla” style!

For lunch yesterday, my BBQ Honey hooked it up with some chopped pork.  This is one thing I can say we do better than Famous Dave’s (just keepin’ it real folks–our ribs are somewhat close, but our brisket isn’t even in the same universe).  She seasoned up some country strips with our standard pork rub then smoked it with hickory until it reached an internal temp of 190 degrees.  What a woman!  With a mound of juicy, smokey chopped pork in front of me, I ordered the sauces to their respective corners.

Dave came out with authority, landing combinations with lightning speed.  Gates managed a couple jabs, but was quickly against the ropes.  Dave, floatin’ like a butterfly, stung like a bee and finished Gates off with a devastating upper cut.

“Gates goes down!  Gates goes down!”

First round knock out!  As good as Gates Extra Hot BBQ sauce is, it is no match for Famous Dave’s Devil’s Spit.  I’d have to say that Gates is just a bit spicier, but Dave brings in some complex flavors with pineapple juice and … uh … voodoo, maybe?  After such a dominating win, it is clear that not even Chuck Norris could hang with Dave.  With this in mind, I must add:

Famous Dave is to BBQ as Muhammad Ali is to boxing.

**Cast your vote for the BBQthDirector.  Be a P.I.G.!  Details here.**


17 comments so far

  1. Renae on

    Nice… I love Famous Dave’s Rich and Sassy, and Sweet and Zesty BBQ sauces… We will be restocking our fridge with them after we move. I am glad that Famous Dave’s stood the test and won… I can’t do the Devil’s Spit but James loves it! 🙂

  2. jaynepomuceno on

    C’mon, folks, you still have time to get more comparisons in! Bring ’em on!

  3. Renae on

    Famous Dave’s is to BBQ as The Star-Spangled Banner is to the Fourth of July! 🙂

  4. jenmarie on

    lol, now that you are on this quest to win, I don’t think we could find ANY BBQ sauce that you would like better! At least that you would admit to publicly… 😉 lol

  5. jaynepomuceno on

    But, oh, contraire! The BBQthDirector is always “keepin’ it real!” The cool thing is that when JRP told me they would be sending me gift cards to try the new summer items, I told them I would give honest reviews. They were all for it and even said that FD liked that I was a BBQ fan in general. If I can find or make a better sauce, I’ll proclaim it. My research is unending.

  6. James A. on

    so close…. I was trying so hard too. at least I have a bottle of rich and sassy in my fridge

  7. Dianna on

    Famous Dave is to BBQ as Sweet Tea is to Sugar!!!

  8. mommyof3 on

    YEAH!!! I can’t believe I won!!!
    First off, I’d like to thank my 3 adoring fans for taking a nap so that I could get on the computer and leave the winning comment! Next I’d like to thank Famous Dave’s for making the BEST BBQ sauce and last but not least Thank you Famous Jay for changing the lives of my family forever. Without you, Dan would not be a BBQ fan, and I would have a little empty spot in my heart *errr stomach*.

  9. Dianna on

    Famous Dave is to BBQ as Peanut Butter is to Jelly!
    Famous Dave is to BBQ as Peas are to Carrots!
    Famous Dave is to BBQ as Salt is to Pepper!
    Famous Dave is to BBQ as Salsa is to Chips!
    Famous Dave is to BBQ as Gravy is to Biscuits!
    Famous Dave is to BBQ as Green Bay is to Packers!
    These are a few that the girls at work came up with.

  10. lonestarpreacher on

    famous dave is to bbq as texas is the the u.s.a.!

  11. Robby on

    famous dave’s is to bbq as Kobe Bryant is to Win!
    and thats the best anyone is going to come up with!! 😀

  12. jaynepomuceno on

    “…Sweet tea is to sugar!” Dianna comin’ on strong with some southern pride!

    Rima, I remember those days when Dan thought ribs were just too messy to enjoy. Sad, sad days.

  13. Robby on

    famous dave’s is to bbq as lakers is to championships!!

  14. jaynepomuceno on

    Okay, in honor of my uber awesome youth group:

    Famous Dave is to BBQ as…
    -S.J. is to shortness
    -Robby is to being the new guy
    -Ryan S is to church planting in West Los Angeles
    -Ryan O is to gaming
    -Marquis is to frying chicken McNuggets
    -Tommy is to church planting in San Diego
    -Heather is to skipping
    -Tyler is to hero
    -Paul is to church planting in Oxnard
    -Ariel is to volleyball
    -Karl is to bass
    -Raphael is to eye candy
    -Abi is to monkey impersonations
    -Johanna is to soul winners

    I love you guys! Now join the P.I.G. club!

  15. S.J. on

    AHHH!!! I was top on ur list!!!!! I’m soo special! ok some comparisons…
    …as chocolate is to life
    …air is to humans
    …taxes to liberals
    …potlucks to Baptists
    …money to banks
    (is it just me or are they getting lamer? oh I don’t know, I’m making them up as a go)
    …boogers to jr.high boys

    That’s all I’ve got…

  16. jenmarie on

    What about as “Jay is to fishing in Alaska”? (for the youth group ones) 🙂

    SJ, how about as boogers are to love notes? 😉 I’m sad I’m gonna miss camp this year. 😦

  17. jaynepomuceno on

    Yeah, I’m pretty much the Famous Dave of Alaskan Salmon Fishing! It’s gonna be weird not going to Alaska this year…

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