Challenge #3: Who and Why?

6-2-09 027

Congrats to Famous Fan Sean D. for winning Challenge #2 (check out his winning video here).  The pain of losing was almost more than I could bear.  It took me a couple hours of crying, wailing and stomping my feet, but I’ve finally calmed down enough to post.  Yeah, I’m a trooper.  The good news is that the BarBeQuethMinistry! still left it’s mark, thanks to James A.’s awesome submission.  Check out his honorable mention on the Famous Fans page.  I tell ya, one of these weeks, one of you campaign supporters/followers are gonna win.  Here’s your next opportunity:

Challenge #3: If you could share the ‘Que for Two with anyone, who would it be?  Why?

We received so many great comparisons, I’d like to give out my own prize as a thanks for your participation.  My BBQ Honey helped me pick out five finalists for you to vote for (James, we didn’t include you in the poll since you already got serious props from FD and JRP).  Which of the following do you think was the best BarBeQuethMinistry! comparison:

Look for my submission for challenge #3 in the next couple days.  And don’t forget to join the P.I.G. Club!  This is a big part of the Famous Campaign and I need your help.  Details here.


21 comments so far

  1. Dan the Man on

    Okay, I’m getting a jump start on challenge #3 –

    Without a doubt, I would share the Que for Two with Jesus, not only would it change my life spiritually, but also, he could make the Que for Two feed 5,000!!

  2. jaynepomuceno on

    Oh, wow, that’s gonna be hard to beat.

  3. Robby on

    WOW!!! who can beat that dan?? it would almost be sacreligous to say anything dif.. but i will say this.. mine was def. the best.. so vote for me!! cuz.. well.. I AM in the coolest!! 😀

  4. Robby on

    oops.. i AM the coolest.. not in the coolest.. lol

  5. S.J. on

    OMW! Who’s voting for Robby??? He can’t even spell comparison! And obviously he doesn’t know what it is. *looks at Robby’s entry*
    Robb, Famous Dave’s/BBQ…Yeah, Jay was trying to find a positive comparison… not a complete LIE. Now if he was comparing rotten fish to fluffer-nutters, then yeah, your comparison makes perfect sence…

  6. janet2000 on

    I watched the ‘winning’ video but your comparison was much more creative and entertaining. Anyway, my entry for challenge #3:

    I would share with Magic Johnson because he would keep passing food right over to me!

    Okay, so I got a little help from the hubby.

  7. Robby on

    Oh whatever sj.. am the best and we all know it.. so just drop it.. and whoever is voting for me that much.. thank you.. th Lord knows and will bless your spirit!

  8. jaynepomuceno on

    Thank you for the kind sentiments, Janet. Very awesome submission. Props to the hubby!

    Robby, are you somehow cheating?

  9. jenmarie on

    Maybe Robby had an AT&T party? 😉

  10. Dianna on

    Ok, So I would share the Que for two with President Obama. I know you are a little in shock right now, but I know it would “CHANGE” his life.

  11. S.J. on

    Robby, no doubt those votes are all rigged… you’re a cheater…

  12. Kelli on

    I would share it with Santa Clause because then he could leave little bits after every visit when he drops off every gift and the whole world would be able to taste it!

    Good huh?

  13. Kelli on

    SJ… Chocolate is always a winner!

  14. Robby on

    haha.. hey its the ppl’s choice am not rigging anything.. i am keeping it real!! its just how i roll! but somebody is def. in love wit me and really wants me to win.. so come on and fess up.. my email is… 😛

  15. Naenae on

    I would share it with one of the Wilson kids because then I know I would get to eat a little more than them! 🙂

  16. Robby on

    jay.. if u dont want to put my last comment on here.. i totally get it!.. lol

  17. Jane on

    I would share it with Bin Laden, I’m sure it would turn hate to love…then Osama would be shouting, “Make BBQ, Not War!!!”

  18. jaynepomuceno on

    Lots of strong submissions! Thanks, everyone, and keep it coming. The poll is so exciting! Back and forth, it’s been amazing. Keep campaigning, S.J. (I’m guessing Dianna and Robby have done their share of campaigning), you might pull off a miracle. Famous Dave’s BBQ Sauce is on the line (from me; FD/JRP’s prizes for the weekly challenges are much better)!

    And, Dianna, I’m not shocked. I always figured you were a closet socialist–errr–liberal! Just kidding, if he did CHANGE, maybe we could actually have HOPE!

  19. zaza on

    after much deliberation, I’ve concluded that i would be more than willing to share the ‘que for two with…*drum roll* a vegetarian! because i eat meat and they don’t. simple as that!

  20. jaynepomuceno on

    Aw, Zaz, now everyone’s gonna think I stole your idea. I wanted to wait a bit longer to publish, but here goes…

    Great minds think alike?

  21. jaynepomuceno on

    Woah, Dianna starts to pull away! What did you do, get every single staff member at APU to vote?

    But just wait ’till Robby gets home from Knotts.

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