Sharing the ‘Que for Two

The BBQthDirector chillaxin' with Mahatma Gandhi at the Rancho Cucamongo Famous Dave's.

The BBQthDirector chillaxin' with Mahatma Gandhi at the Rancho Cucamonga Famous Dave's.

Challenge #3: If you could share the ‘Que for Two with anyone, who would it be?  Why?

Tough one.  I came up with a mental list of influential people who would make interesting company over a platter of legendary ‘que.  Ronald Reagan came to mind quickly.  Charles Haddon Spurgeon.  General David Petraeus.  LaDainian Tomlinson.  But after an excellent meal at our Rancho Cucamonga Famous Dave’s Monday night, I couldn’t get over the incredible feeling of peace that Dave’s grub always gives me.  Skipping through a meadow of wild flowers after a late spring rain peace.  Barefoot.

The answer smacked me in the back of the head (most peacefully, of course)!  Who would be better to share the ‘Que for Two with than Mahatma Gandhi?  The man who pretty much defined non-violent civil disobedience.  A champion of peace who led his nation to independence.  I would soak up his words of wisdom, bask in the gentle aura of one of history’s great leaders.  Gandhi, a man of peace and leadership–

Who am I kidding?  It’s mostly because he was a vegetarian.  Here, Mr. Gandhi, sir, take a corn muffin and some fries.  But the ribs … mine!  Brisket … mine!  Chicken … mine!  I’d order the Wilbur Beans, which has chunks of smokey, glorious MEAT in it … mine, mine, mine!  ALL MINE!

*takes deep, cleansing breath*

Just keepin’ it real, folks.


15 comments so far

  1. S.J. on

    Smart choice… lol Reading the beginning, I thought that someone had maybe hacked into your blog (only kidding). Then, I thought, “Wait, this is Jay we’re talking about here. He probably has an alterior motive.” So as I kept reading I was pleased to find a more Jay-like answer. Good to know that you’re just keeping it real!!! lol 😀

  2. jaynepomuceno on

    Keep the submissions coming, folks! Also, if you haven’t voted in the previous post, the polls close tomorrow (June 10th) at 11:59 pm.

  3. S.J. on

    Oh by the way I like the deep, cleansing breath.
    ahhhh!!! You heard him folks…

  4. Robby on

    WOW!! amazing pick!! nough said!!

  5. mommyof3 on

    I would most absolutely LOVE to share the “Que for Two” with Famous Wilbur. There is NO way that pig is gonna be found munchin’ on his peeps!!

  6. The BBQthDirector's Wife on

    Timothy Geithner, so we could skip paying the tax.

  7. lonestarpreacher on

    i would share with famous dave and try to get all his secrets from him!

  8. Becka on

    I think I would share with Jay and Brenna. After all, I could never finish a whole ‘que by my self. So, there you have it. 🙂

  9. jaynepomuceno on

    Why, thank you, Becka! That would be really cool, since you’re so little, we can just bully you out of your share!


  10. flowersbymegan on

    I agree with a previous comment, I don’t know how the Einstein vid won. Keep up the great blogging/campaigning!

  11. Amanda on

    George Clooney (I am not afraid to admit it).
    Keep up the GREAT work, JAY!!!!

  12. Daniel Ashton on

    I would probably have to share it with our President, Mr. Barack Obama, so that I can discuss the possibility of him sharing 700 billion dollars with me.

  13. Crystal on

    Hey Jay Keep um commin’you have me rolling with your blogs. I have never seen in my life a person so passionate for BBQ as you are.I am right there with you there is nothing like it.We will be sure and check out Famous Dave’s ourselves.Really looking forward to it and maybe now I can finally enjoy Ribs that don’t get stuck in my teeth. YES! LOL! Hope you win! =)

  14. jaynepomuceno on

    Crystal, welcome to the BarBeQuethMinistry! Let us know how your visit to Famous Dave’s goes!

  15. vivek on

    nice photoshop work. keep it up. gandhi was vegetarian. he would never pose for a bbq rib or something non veg.

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