Challenge #4: Not’cho Ordinary Jingle

The winner of Challenge #3 was a campaign follower!  As soon as I saw the video, I told my BBQ Honey that it should be the winner (find the link on the Famous Fan’s page).  This person gave five reasons she would share the ‘Que for Two with the Queen of England.  My favorite was, “Who wouldn’t want to see the Queen eat ribs with her fingers?”  Very slick.  My melt down over losing only lasted a few minutes this time.  And now we move on….

Challenge #4: Create a jingle about the “Not’cho Ordinary Nachos”

If you need some help, check out my review here.  If you want some serious inspiration, go to Famous Dave’s and eat it!  You don’t have to do a video, but it sure looks like the judges are enjoying that particular avenue of expression.  If you go that route, I can either post a link or embed the video (Vimeo is definitely preferred).  Or just write out a catchy little chorus and post it as a comment.  I really think that our campaign is the most active of all ten.  That’s really saying something considering the sizes of some of those networks.  Thanks for your participation, creativity and excitement.  Let’s keep it going!

The BarBeQuethMinistry! is, once again, going to give out it’s own prize for Challenge #2.  Hopefully, this poll will be less controversial.  Here are my five faves, you decide who’s tops:


9 comments so far

  1. jaynepomuceno on

    Just for the record, I voted for Kelli’s.

  2. Becka on

    Sure, Jay. lol j/k. Good luck on challenge #4. I think you’ll do great as you already write songs. Can’t wait to hear it!

  3. dar... on

    hey jay, just wanted to say thanks for taking us to Famous Daves!

  4. Robby on

    ah man! you went to fds without me?!? that stinks! well i know your all in tears while am not there but its ok.. i am returing! so dont cry to much! lol

  5. Robby on

    ok and also how do you not vote for dans?!? that is so sacreligous if you dont! 😛

  6. Kelli on

    Thanks Jay!

  7. zaza on

    okay…i have been toiling hard for challenge no 4 as i have been with every other previous challenge – and i have yet to win! let me be the first to hit you all with my single…and now for your listening pleasure. “Nacho Man”

    No’Cho, Nacho Man
    Pile it high as fast as you can!

    No’Cho, Nacho Meat
    Throw on the sauce so we can all eat!

    No’Cho, Nacho Gone
    The plate is empty and Im all done!

    (Sung to the tune of the “Macho, Macho, Man” – I think thats the tune where its from! lol)

    *crosses fingers for the win* jk. lol hope you enjoyed it!

  8. jaynepomuceno on


  9. Becka on

    Zaz, that was seriously awesome. lol Loved it!

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