Famous 50,000!

Famous Dave's "Ultimate BBQ Burger"

Famous Dave's "Ultimate BBQ Burger". It really is!

And we hit the 50,000 hits milestone!  Sorry, no giveaway this time.  You’ll have to participate in the Famous Weekly Challenges for a chance to win prizes from Famous Dave’s/JRP and from the BBQthDirector.  Congrats to BBQ Boy II (Jeremy) for being the top BarBeQuethMinistry! Challenge #3 submission!  Rewarding him with one of Famous Dave’s sauces doesn’t make sense since he has easy access to those anyway.  I’ll think of something along the lines of $2.99.

The BBQ Family is up in Big Bear enjoying Family Camp with a number of folks from the church.  I’m in charge of the food once again and offered Famous Dave’s Rich ‘n Sassy with our Wednesday night meal of hickory smoked tri tip.  My jingle for Challenge #4 is evolving, but, thankfully, not quite as slowly as life on earth has.  Hopefully, I’ll be posting it late Saturday night.  Some of the other Famous Fans have come up with some pretty clever entries.

Thanks for continuing to follow the campaign.  Don’t forget about the P.I.G. Club!


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  1. jaynepomuceno on

    C’mon, people, get a jingle in! Even if it’s short, you never know!

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