Challenge #5: I Dedicate …


Challenge #5: If you could dedicate one love song to Famous Dave’s, what would it be and why?

Alright, imagine with me for just a moment.  Close your eyes if you need to (well, if you can read through your eye lids).  It’s a lonely evening, the mind wanders, the heart sighs … the tummy grumbles.  I’m listening to K-DAVE Radio, “Classy Love Songs of Yester-year”.  D.J. Will Burr is spinnin’ the records, his deep baritone voice brings a calm over the air waves.  I can’t help but to call in to make a request.

“Thanks for calling K-DAVE Radio,” D.J. Will Burr’s voice is unmistakeable. “Rich and sassy, but always classy.  Tell me your name and where you’re calling from.”

I swallow hard and take a deep breath.  “This is Famous Jay from La Verne, California.”

“Famous Jay … I like that,”  I think Will Burr senses my nervousness.  “Sounds like you’ve got someone very special on your mind–check that … your heart.  What’s your request and who would you like to dedicate it to.”

“Will, this is an old one–”

“No problem, my man, the older the better.”

“Could you somehow pull up … ‘Unforgettable’?”

Silence.  An uneasy silence that lasts about five seconds but feels like an hour.  What could be wrong?  Are they scrambling to find the record?  Or maybe thinking of a kind way to tell me they don’t have it?  But, somehow, even over the phone, I sense a smile come across the dashing D.J.’s face.

“Nat King Cole … 1951 …” he breaks the silence with nostalgic pride.  “Timeless.  And who’s the ‘Unforgettable’ one, my friend?”

“I’d like to dedicate ‘Unforgettable’ to Famous Dave’s Legendary Barbeque.  My first experience at a small counter-service joint outside of Minneapolis was just that … unforgettable.  It would be a few years before Famous Dave’s came out to California.  But I couldn’t get my mind off those ribs, brisket, slaw, corn muffins … Devil’s Spit.  And now, with Famous Dave’s making it’s mark here in the Golden State, I still find every visit to be … unforgettable.”

“In every way….” Will Burr chimes in.

“Yes, every way!  Tender, smokey meats, incredible sides, to-die-for desserts–”

“Fun atmosphere.”

He knows.  D.J. Will Burr just knows.

“Famous Dave’s, if you’re out there,” the D.J. says, “This one is comin’ at ya from Famous Jay in La Verne.  Unforgettable … that’s what you are.”


8 comments so far

  1. jaynepomuceno on

    Hope you enjoyed it, folks. Sorry, I won’t be accepting any submissions this time around (thus, the comment moderation). Of course, “props” are always welcome!

  2. Jane on

    LOVE IT JAY! Great song choice and I could picture that whole thing in my head. Bomb-diggity!

  3. Renae on

    I love it! It is the perfect song! 🙂

  4. Becka on

    Good one. What’s the problem. Don’t want to get outdone with someone’s submission? 🙂 j/k. Great choice.

  5. Kelli on

    Agreed! You can’t lose with that one.

  6. lafoodbloggin on


  7. minnemom on

    Great one–well-written, as usual. This competition is a lot of fun!

  8. jaynepomuceno on

    I know I’m only talking to myself at this point, but this post was genius! Sorry.

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