Challenge #6: The 4th of July!

Josh H. from Florida won Challenge #5 (check out his submission here).  At least I got an honorable mention on the Famous Fans page.  Oh, well, we press on….

CHALLENGE #6: What makes Famous Dave’s All-American barbeque the perfect way to celebrate our country this 4th of July season?

Thanks so much for following the campaign!  You can also win some prizes (gift cards, sauces, spices) by participating in the weekly challenges (a campaign follower won Challenge #3).  Get the creative juices flowing and submit it as a comment.

It’s crazy busy right now with Youth Conference this week and Summer Camp next week.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get something in, but I gotta keep the main thing the main thing!  All the more reason for YOU to enter.  The BarBeQuethMinistry! has made it’s mark on each week, let’s not skip a beat!


4 comments so far

  1. Becka on

    Summer Camp!! Yay! Ours is the 13-17th and I am so happy that I get to go this year as a counselor. Last year I couldn’t get off work for it. So fun!

  2. janet2000 on

    I’m shocked that your dedication didn’t win. Anyway, my submission…

    Famous Dave’s is the perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July because the smokey BBQ is the perfect compliment to the smoke left-over after a great fire-works show!

  3. Renae on

    Famous Dave’s is the perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July because what better way to get the perfect BBQ on the 4th then to order Famous Dave’s… so why not save yourself some time and spend it with the family, allow Famous Dave’s to cook your 4th of July lunch or dinner… whatever meal you would BBQ! 🙂 You can do take out or dine in… It will be the best 4th of July you ever had!

  4. mommyof3 on

    There are only two things you need for a perfect 4th of July celebration, Fireworks and BBQ. So head off to Famous Daves, and start the fireworks early! When that smokey BBQ goodness explodes in your mouth, the fireworks show will pale in comparison! Finish off your meal with an All American classic Pecan Pie! Because there is no clean up for you, it won’t be hard to grab a good seat for the fireworks show. Could there be anything more perfect?

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