Teen Camp 2009

Yeah, the Famous Campaign is heating up!  Don’t forget about Challenge #8 and the huge prize (details in the previous post)! Here’s an important break….

Is it just me, or does camp just get even better when you’re older? The key word there is older, since I’m not old!  The video shows the great fun we had, but there’s really no way to properly express the spiritual impact of camp over cyber-space.  What a joy to see young people draw closer to Christ and each other.  We had at least six kids surrender their lives to serve God in the ministry (including BBQ Boy II, Jeremy) and a bunch of great decisions.  I’ve been able to see the fruits of a great camp in the last few days.  Many of my teens are so tender and some have shown some tremendous boldness as witnesses.

The only bummer was missing out on Paul P’s last camp message and Ryan O’s first one (all that running around a camp director has to do).  The overall camp spirit was very friendly, the food was good and the preaching was right on.  If you’re looking for a first-class speaker for teens (and adults, for that matter), I highly recommend Evangelist Dwight Smith.  Strong, practical and relevant Bible preaching and a genuine desire to get to know the young people on a personal level.  Biggest highlights for me, personally:

*Cabin devotions, getting the guys’ perspective on the messages.
*Robby, the living epistle.
*Tim’s not-so-loving love note from the entire female camp population.
*Thursday night’s message from Isaiah 6, especially Bro. Smith’s point about hearing God’s heartbeat. Wow, so stirring!
*Weeping at the altar with a number of young men as they surrendered their lives to the ministry.
*Evangelist Smith taking up a love offering for me and Brenna to go out on a date. $235 came in! We’ve gone on three dates since (including one to Famous Dave’s, of course)! Thanks, everyone!

NepomuceNEWS:  I’m off to the “Land of Dave’s/10,000 Lakes” this weekend for yet another youth group alum wedding.  James Burrow had a special way of driving me nuts one day and blessing my heart the next.  He was definitely a central figure to many of our fondest memories.  James and Jena will be united in Holy Matrimony this Saturday at 3:00 pm in Morris, MN.  I’ll be singing “The Wedding Gown” and will also get a chance to see a couple more alumni.  I’ll be spending Friday night in Minneapolis at the Mall of America Hilton (just $55 through priceline.com!), so, Famous Dave Anderson, if you’d like to get together for dinner, drop me a line!


9 comments so far

  1. Robby on

    JAY!! i hate it when you say good things about me and mention my name and all that stuff!!! ITS ALL HIM!!! theres nothing good on this filthy rag!! NOTHING!!

  2. Renae on

    I would love to hear the love note to Tim! 🙂

  3. Ariel on

    Have fun Jay!

    Oh please Robby. God knows your heart. I’m telling you Jay he has you fooled lol!

  4. jaynepomuceno on

    Robby, your humility is astounding. I really wish the rest of the youth group would just take notes on your life.

    Renae, that note was something to experience. One of the funniest EVER, you had to be there.

    Ariel, no he’s as real as real gets. Take notes.

  5. Robby on

    jay… its all persuction!! “most gladly therefore will i rather glory in infirmities.. that the power of Christ rest on me.”

  6. jenmarie on

    $55.00? That’s insane, wow!
    Have fun at the wedding, tell them congrats for me! 🙂
    In the camp fam photo the group looks smaller than in previous years…was it?
    Ha ha, I heard about that note, aweseome. What would camp be without the love notes? lol

  7. jaynepomuceno on

    Yeah, I love Priceline! I decided the other night to go ahead and bid something ridiculous and they came through. We had 60 teens come to camp which is just barely below our average in the mid-60s. So, yeah, a bit less, but more than likely it’s the angle of the pic that’s so different.

  8. dar... on

    haha robbys such a dork! lol…anyways jay thanks for such an awesome last yr at summercamp…i cant wait till missions trip tho and make one more attempt at making u miserable and showing everyone what a sissy you really are! hahaha…jk

  9. Becka on

    Camp does get better as you get older! I just got back from camp and it was great! It is so amazing to be able to help teens grow closer to God.

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