BBQ Mentoring Part II


The first group of teens I took to the Rancho Cucamonga Famous Dave’s proved Dave can hang with (even surpass) the big names of BBQ, namely Gate’s in Kansas City.  Last week, I mentored 15 fabulous kids, plus the two bad apples who like Gate’s better, using three All-American Feasts as our textbook.  Our server once again was Famous ‘Berto, who is always energetic and attentive.  GM Famous James was kind enough to come out and greet us right away.  Class began with my trademark sauce tour:


My Sauce Tour in a nutshell: Rich and Sassy, the award-winning classic, well balanced with a unique fruitiness ... Georgia Mustard, vinegar and mustard based, with just a hint of sweetness and crushed red peppers for grins ... Texas Pit, a peppery nod to the Lone Star state ... Sweet and Zesty, sweetest of the bunch with a distinctive tanginess from malt vinegar ... Devil's Spit, tasty but dangerous! My favorite!


The finished product, a goatee-clad smiley!

As we waited patiently for our trash can lids, two young ladies who just graduated knew right away that this would be a great place to work.  They filled out applications right there.  Rancho Pork-a-monga, if you’re looking for two SUPER young people to add to your work crew, you won’t be dissapointed with Ariel H. and Darlene T.!  I’d love to see them come out of the kitchen and chant, “Feast!  Feast!  Feast!”


Ambitious, talented, studious, hard-working, respectful ... I'd hire these two in a heartbeat!

When the feasts arrived, we prayed, and it was ON!  It was every man for himself.  I tried to get the guys to chill out a bit so that the girls would be sure to get some ribs, but it was mayhem making your way around the table (see pic above).  One of the serving tongs was a casualty of all the action.  I did manage to point out to the kids one of the marks of real BBQ, the pink smoke ring.  Californians have a tendency to freak out when they see this, thinking their pork isn’t fully cooked.  Real hardwood smoke will give meat a pink hue as it cooks.  It’s basically a chemical reaction.  I think this is important for young people to know.  Science in its tastiest form!

As I was workin’ a rib, Famous ‘Berto and Famous James came out to make a special presentation.  They gave me a T-Shirt (“We Serve No Swine Before Its Time”), hat and name badge (“Famous Jay”).  The only thing they asked of me was to do a cheer with them.  I somehow got over my shy-ness and relented:


Maaaaan, that Famous Cheer Zone will never be the same!

Challenge #9:Famous Dave Anderson, the founder of Famous Dave’s, is celebrating 15 Famous years of ribalicious BBQ by throwing a party complete with birthday specials (July 15-September 15). Buck-A-Bone ribs,  and on August 30th anyone with the name Dave, David or Davy eats for free! He wants you to bring your friends to the celebration. How will you get folks to come to the celebration?

Your challenge is to create an invitation to Famous Dave’s Buck-A-Bone Birthday Bash Celebrating 15 Famous Years. The invite could be a video or a traditional invitation posted as a jpg or other digital format. Please be sure to note in your invitation that these offers are for a limited time. And remember each location is unique, so always be sure to check with your local restaurant for participation. Have fun!


3 comments so far

  1. Renae on

    Looks and sounds like you had a great time! 🙂

  2. Becka on

    I loved this post – and I would hire Darlene and Ariel in a heartbeat too! Wish I could’ve gone. 🙂

  3. jenmarie on

    That’s too funny, they really applied? I think Tom applied at Ihop once when he was like 10 or something…’Member that Zaz? 🙂 I think the server was telling him he should work there…(servers always like Tom since he will just start helping them, carrying dishes, sweeping, etc. lol)
    I think Jaclyn’s still looking for a job…Maybe they could all work at Famous Dave’s!

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