Happy 15th, Famous Dave’s!

I’m back to visit my house for just a couple days.  Shortly after a nice trip to Minnesota last week, I was off to the Central California Sierras to preach a teen camp.  Thursday we’re off to Wyoming for a missions trip.  Yes, it’s been a whirlwind, but here’s my submission for Challenge #9!  A big thanks to guitarist, Philip A., camera man/video editor Andrew C., and the eye-candy-crew, Paul, Matt and Karl, for helping me pull together yet another last-minute video.

This celebration of 15 FAMOUS years has finally given me the chance to spoof my favorite jingle of all time, the freecreditreport.com song.  Hope you enjoy!

This great offer is only at participating locations ’till September 15th. You heard right, just a buck a bone, and a free meal on August 30th if your name is David, Dave or Davey. Visit famousdaves.com for details.


12 comments so far

  1. zaza on

    this is my favorite video yet! =)

  2. Robby on

    haha.. uh.. praise the Lord!! wat else can be said! lol.. i just pray that dave doesn’t see you.. but he looks up!

  3. Ariel on

    Nice video Jay! Those comercials are funny.

  4. Renae on

    I loved it! 🙂 Great job, Jay!

  5. S.J. on

    Awesome vid! those guys that u chose to be the eye-candy-crew were such a stumbling block… haha.

  6. giantsfreak on

    Great Video!!!

  7. Becka on


  8. Mr. Robinson on


  9. dar... on

    hahaha…hope u win!

  10. Clo on

    lol..this vid is so funny!!! hope you win, Famous Jay!!

  11. janet2000 on

    45 seconds of awesomeness! 🙂 That’s a winner!

  12. James N Jena on

    Yes, yes it was a nice trip to MN wasn’t it. I was hoping I could get the pictures you took of all us guys emailed when you get the chance. Glad you made it on time to the wedding and made it back on time. It was great seeing you there Jay. We made sure to hit up Famous Daves in Brainerd on the honeymoon. I tried out the Nachos and they do rock! Cheap too! I just got the $5 Nacho for Two and couldn’t finish it.

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