It’s Not Bragging If It’s True….

Challenge #10: You’ve had all summer to highlight Famous Dave’s – now we want to hear why YOU are the most Famous Fan.

092I am not an arrogant man.  Really.  I think it’s easy to look at my confidence as arrogance.  I am confident, first, because I have Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour.  He is my guide and comfort and is preparing a home in heaven for me.  Secondly, I walk and live confidently because I’m a passionate person.  I won’t take on a project unless I’m commited to giving it my all.  My life’s slogan is: “Give Better Than Your Best.”  That being said, I have campaigned passionately, thusly, I am confident.

I am the MOST Famous Fan.031

Please consider the weekly challenges.  The BarBeQuethMinistry! won the very first one (I believe we raised the bar with the haiku), and tied for two others.  I received honorable mentions for the love song dedication (c’mon, the whole episode with D.J. Will Burr was  pure genius!), Captain BBQ (a truly epic drama), and the family pic (was there a cuter one?).  So I couldn’t pull off the clean sweep, but I sure did give it a try!  I guarantee, no one had more fun than I did.  Thank you, JRP, for the great ideas!

103But the weekly challenges were just one component of this “Quest for the Best Famous Fan in America”.  If it weren’t for the weekly challenges, many of the Famous Fans wouldn’t’ve had campaigns at all.  Click here and start scrolling down.  You’ll find a true grassroots campaign, complete with thought-provoking articles, fun polls, and energetic community involvement.  I’ve done my part to be a genuine BBQ Mentor both to the teens I minister to and the precious children I’m raising.

As far as the P.I.G. Club sign ups go, there’s no way to know how I’m doing.  My WordPress stats report 74 clicks on my link, but who knowschallenge8 020 how many actually went through with it.  If you haven’t joined the club, click here for details.  Think of it as casting a vote for me!

Then there’s the pre-campaign BBQthDirector.  When there was nothing in it for me, I was an ambassador for Dave’s cause.  As an amateur food critic and BBQ connoisseur, I’ve driven waaaay out of my way in search of legit ‘que, and have known Famous Dave’s to be a model of consistency.  Consistency is part of being a chain, but most national chains are consistently mediocre.  Famous Dave’s has continued to excel, and I’ve done my part to let the world know about it.

Well, there’s my last hurrah.  Thank you all for following.  Maybe you could do one more thing and help me sway the judges.  If I’ve inspired or enlightened you, let it be known.  I know there’s a few of you out there who’ve wandered into the domain of Dave’s as a direct result of my prodding.  Don’t be so shy.  Or maybe the BarBeQuethMinistry! has just been a source of cheap entertainment over the last couple months.  Hey, whether you were laughing with me or at me …

I’ll take that.

Now I’m off to Wyoming.  Back August 7th.  Peace!


11 comments so far

  1. ishouldvebeenafamousfan on

    You’ve been awesome, Famous Jay! Definitely the most fun. Your creativity is just outta this world!! If there are any judges reading, do the right thing and crown Famous Jay!

  2. jaynepomuceno on

    Wow, thank you! I’m honored and humbled!

  3. janet2000 on

    I think you’ve blown away the competition! Seriously, not even close! Great job!!! 🙂

  4. runnerforchrist on

    if i could vote more than twice (i have two e-mails), i would!!! i’m still in shock that captain bbq didn’t win. thanks for the laffs!

    GOD BLESS!!!! 🙂

  5. zaza on

    its true, actually i’ve only eaten at FD’s once before and that was over three years ago. this competition of yours has motivated me and my family to eat at famous daves! well that and the fact that you get a free dessert when you sign up for the PIG club! hehe BUT i would have never signed up for the PIG club if you didn’t have links to the site. So, yeah, you’ve contributed to my family meals!

    my most memorable moment at FD:
    the servers were coming out chanting their usual “feast, feast, feast” my mother leans over and says, “what are they saying, ‘teeth, teeth, teeth?”

    cracked up laughing! couldn’t speak for about a whole two minutes. =) fun times! thank you famous jay for giving us a ‘family moment’ lol.

  6. Renae A. on

    I have been to famous Dave’s more than once. I am so glad to be apart of such a wonderful campaign. I have even introduced others to the fine and wonderful fair at famous Dave’s 🙂 Thanks for all the wonderful things you have done to enlighten the younger generation.

  7. jenmarie on

    ha ha, that’s good Zaz. 🙂
    Jay should win…I’d been to Famous Dave’s before…but I’ve never met someone so passionate about BBQ and Famous Dave’s as Jay…
    We need a Famous Dave’s in the San Dimas/Glendora/Azusa area – we’re always eating out for work, but Rancho is way too far when you’re on a lunch break!

  8. Jane on

    I’d never even heard of Famous Dave’s until I met you, Jay…even though I live in Rancho! Your blog is a huge source of enjoyment for me no matter what the topic of the post and it’s been so much fun to follow your campaign. Your entries have made me bust out laughing! If you don’t win it’s because we have a case of dirty judges…which are often worse than dirty cops!!!

  9. mommyof3 on

    Jay, you ran a great campaign! We just went for lunch (without the kiddos)! We just couldn’t resist after your entry for challenge #9. The Buck A Bone Birthday Bash is the way to go!!! Especially for someone like Dan who wants to try everything. Just for the record, this is our 3rd time, since the campaign started, and our 5th or 6th time overall.

  10. Kelli on

    You are a winner in everybodys book Jay! Those of us who know your passion for things understand all the brain power that went into each of these challenges, but the best part is that you always included others in your challenge….that shows your devotion to help society learn.

    Thanks for all the laughs and exposing my kids to such a great place. Ryan took me there just becuase of your influence and yes, Heather can be converted from the dark side.

  11. dar... on


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