First place, baby!  The BarBeQuethMinistry! has won Famous Dave’s “Quest for the Best Famous Fan” Summer Campaign!  There are so many people to thank, so please allow me to give a “general” thank you to all those who followed faithfully, left comments, participated in the challenges, signed up for the P.I.G. Club, and helped me with videos.  JRP actually called me last Friday night with the news.  I was driving right through the heart of Las Vegas returning from our missions trip.  I let the teens know and they went wild!  We had one epic celebration in the van.

Free Famous Dave’s for a year and a vacation to the upper midwest (the BBQthDirector’s Wife really deserves that)!  I’ll give you details about that soon.  Thanks, again, for helping us win this!

Yeh, boyeeeeee!


24 comments so far

  1. Brenna on


  2. jaynepomuceno on

    …with the best wife!

    Woo-hoo, we’re going on vacation, babe!

  3. Maggie on

    CONGRATS, Jay!

  4. Renae A. on

    Yay! I’m glad you won, Jay! You really worked hard and you totally deserve it! Congrats!

  5. minnemom on

    Congratulations, Jay. A job well done!

  6. Josh H. on

    Congrats Jay!

  7. janet2000 on

    Yes, finally, the right call!! Congrats!

  8. Robby on

    light to shine in the darkest night…!! lol.. woohoo… good job jay u deserve it ur the best!!

  9. Daniel Ashton on

    YAY!!!! You had one awesome campaign!!!!

  10. Renae on

    Yes! Congratulations… I hope you have a good trip and enjoy the Famous Dave’s! YOu really deserve the win!

  11. Clo on

    Congrats Jay!!! You deserve it!!!

  12. Philip on

    hey, jay, let me know when you will be up here! I can be an unofficial tour guide if ya need one! tip: the months of september – june are winter.

  13. Ariel on

    Congrats again Jay! I had a feeling you would win 🙂 I enjoyed watching your videos. You should continue making more lol!

  14. lonestarpreacher on

    congratulations! i think you blew away the comptition

  15. Ryan on

    Congratulations, Jay! You really have a great bunch, and I loved the responses to the challenges. You had strong competition that would give anyone a run for their money, so it was no small feat. I hope I’ll have a chance to meet you when you are in the area.

  16. S.J. on

    Hey Jay, you did a great job! I’m so glad that I could be a “small” (hehe) part of your campaign! 🙂

  17. Shonda on

    Congrats! Maybe you can use your influence to get Famous Dave’s to come to southern Georgia? 😉

  18. Becka on

    lol Philip is right on the winter months. lol So,you totally deserved this win and obviously the judges (whoever they may be) agreed. Congratulations!

  19. Kelli on

    So maybe you could convience them to bring one a little closer to this area? hmmmmmm…

  20. jenmarie on

    Congrats! I was waiting for you to post this…

  21. Antonia on

    We are so very happy for you!!!!

  22. Dianna on

    Congrats, we are happy for you!

  23. lafoodbloggin on

    Yeah, you earned that one! Congrats! They say there’s some good fishing up there. Look forward to a great report.

  24. James n Jena on

    Woohoo Jay! See you soon hopefully. We are moved into Owatonna now which is much closer to the Twin Cities and to Fameous Daves. Disappointed in them I have to say though. I went in last weekend cuz I was craving for the nachos bad and they just stopped them! agh! Maybe as the biggest fan when you visit you can convince them to bring those nachos back lol. Congrats!

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