Arapahoe Nation Missions Trip

Arapahoe 397

Zion National Park

Literally a thousand miles away, driving across low deserts, high deserts, prairies, rocky mountains, and rolling hills, the Wind River Reservation of central Wyoming was our home for a week.  It was a joy to run a Vacation Bible School for the Arapahoe Baptist Church.  Our puppet team worked hard to get ready, the preacher boys brought some great messages and we all worked together to knock doors to get kids into church.  Seventeen precious children made professions of faith, and a number of my teens had the privilege of leading a soul to Christ for the very first time!  We also had our share of fun visiting the Wind River Canyon, Zion National Park and a very cool neighborhood playground in Riverton.  The Lord was so good to protect one of our girls, plus a local girl, from an ATV accident that really could’ve been very bad (worse than the broken clavicle, wrist, and elbow).  We laugh and joke about it now, but I literally lost sleep over that (Heather, I’m so glad you’re okay … but you should’ve gone to Wal-Mart, you dork!).  It actually was a pretty fun five hours at the emergency room!  And we also had one doooooozey of a shaving cream/silly string war!  Yeah, it was a very special week. 

The following video will give you just a taste of what we experienced. We’ll be showing it this Sunday night at church as a report to our good people. Once again, loyal BarBeQuethMinistry! readers, you are getting hooked up. Enjoy…


10 comments so far

  1. Clo on

    Thank-you so very much Jay for allowing us to go! It was such an awesome trip and i will never forget all those memories.
    *The Angry Dogs attacking us!
    *The grasshoppers!!
    *The guys blowing up ants.
    *CHARLIE!!!! aka Shadow Fox
    *Getting to know all of the kids and hearing some of their stories
    *Having a great time with my Youth Group.

    Thanks again Jay!!! You’re the best!!!

  2. Robby on

    JAY!! THAT WAS DA BOMB!! thx alot!! great memories!!!

  3. Robby on

    shout out to shadow fox!! the best ever!!!

  4. Becka on

    Aww… I miss missions trip. Seriously, they were so awesome. Sounds like you all had a great time! 🙂

  5. S.J. on

    Aw!!! I miss the kids! It really was amazing… Nice list Clo! Yeah those mutant grasshoppers were crazy! Or as Jay and I called them, moth-er-fly-hoppers??? Or was it grass-butter-oths. I don’t really remember… lol good times. Oh and the puppies! You can’t forget about those adorable puppies!!!

  6. jenmarie on

    Fun video. I remember when we went to Zion…way back in the day! 🙂
    Yea, I’m glad the girls won this year, Ryan was overdue for a pie in the face! (was he the one who ate it while trying to jump over the swings? lol)
    PS, your awesome library backdrop brings back memories of many hours spent with Rebekah and Tavia…labeling and shelving book after book and just hanging out. 🙂

  7. jaynepomuceno on

    Goodness, Jen, we took you to Zion, what, 8-9 years ago??

    Yeah, that was Ryan eating it. The really funny thing is that he told the guys not to eat it right before they started the whole stunt.

  8. ashleigh on

    jay thanks so much for allowing me to go on the trip! i had so much fun! 🙂

  9. Hermis on

    Brother Jay thank you and all those wonderful young adults that made the trip out to Wyoming. I know God will use all of you in a special way as He did here at Arapahoe Baptist Church. Come back anytime and do it again.

  10. Shellby (in Wyoming) =] on

    Brother Jay.

    First off i want to thank you for comming down here to Arapahoe Baptist Church. I had so much fun and it gave the chance to see how many teenagers out there that have accepted the Lord as their savior. I dont get that chance much around here and the whole time i had a blast!!

    Just some updates: My surgery went great and im only down to one cast now! I should be getting it off here soon! and CHARLIE aka Shadow Fox is still doing good.

    I hope sometime soon i will get to meet up with you guys again! and next time i wont have 2 broken arms and a messed up leg =]!! Thank you again! i enjoyed it and i know everone else did too! Tell everyone i said HEY.

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