004Oh, yeah, this place is the real deal!  A big thanks to Jen over at Lovinsocal for the Pinkberry giveaway.  My BBQ Honey and I split a medium “Tart” with fresh strawberries, raspberries and blueberries topping it all off.  Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt actually tastes like … yogurt!  What a concept!  We’ve enjoyed a number of frozen yogurt places, but I always left with the thought that I had eaten nothing more than soft serve ice cream.  Okay, so the toppings made it a bit more interesting, but where was that distinctive yogurt tanginess?

I now view frozen yogurt like I do BBQ.  Sure, faux-bbq can be somewhat enjoyable, but without smoke from real hardwood, you’re missing out on the real deal.  Pinkberry is for people who truly enjoy the taste of yogurt.  A bit pricey, but a great “every-so-often” treat for both your taste buds and digestive tract.  What a tasty way to get some friendly bacteria into your system to do whatever it is they do!  The BBQ Kids had some samples and didn’t care for it.  They were expecting the regular ol’ ho-hum faux-frozen-yogurt/imitation-soft-serve-ice-cream.  Hopefully, one day they’ll grow up and come to appreciate the real thing.  Until then, they can just watch us eat!


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  1. jenmarie on

    Oh yea, I’m glad you liked it. I never get mine with toppings, I just like it plain. (Although I did sample the coconut with mochi once and liked it)
    I was just thinking about stopping by Pinkberry today! It’s a weekly (or daily?) ritual at work now, it’s waaay to close to the office! 🙂

  2. jaynepomuceno on

    I understand that. We’d be in big trouble if Famous Dave’s was up the street. Well, I guess not so much since I get free food for a year!

    We sampled the coconut, it was great! But what’s mochi?

  3. jenmarie on

    lol, I would LOVE to have free Pinkberry for a year! I’d probably be pretty sick of it by then though!
    Um, it’s kinda like a chewy marshmallow. At least that’s what it feels/tastes like. I guess it’s made from rice. I’ve had it before with ice cream in the middle, and it was like the size of a donut hole. But the ones at Pinkberry are small like mini marshmallows. Next time ask them if you can sample it – don’t know if they usually let you sample the toppings, but they offered it to me so…(they keep it under the counter).

  4. zaza on

    whats mochi? lol. i am sorry i laughed. thats one of my fav toppings and the white yogurt chips! the best!

    they have to keep mochi in the fridge, i am guessing thats why it was ‘under the counter’

    i know that the rave is all about pinkberry, and perhaps it was for this reason i wouldn’t choose to ‘go’ there first. been there with my family once in v.g. wasn’t the best and was slightly disappointed. also, didn’t like the mochi there. (jenny about got the description right) =p

    also, i think pinkberry has limited flavors. like 3 or 4. (and i think they are on the expensive side, compared to others) haven’t been in awhile.

    Here is my, although short, highly informational, frozen yogurt review, starting with my top choice:

    1. Yogurberry. in the Puente Hills mall. Love the strawberry and peach and original flavs, each with their own tartness. they fill it up for you and charge a ‘flat’ rate. toppings are add’l charge, like .79. the small is about $2.50 plus 1 topping is about $3.50. Downside: in my mind is the limited flavor options. about 3 or 4, sometimes there is pomengranite or green tea.

    2. Tutti Fruitti. very close second.(Probably b/c i was already loving Yogurberry). across the street from APU, One in the west covina mall. They have huge cups and you can fill it up yourself and its weighed at the counter and you are charged per oz. the upside: they usually have over a dozen flavors to sample/select. and you get to determine how much of each one you want since its DIY. flavors range from strawberry cheesecake, to pina colada, banana, cocnut, peach, original, chocolate. note: some are tart, some are sweet. (personally, i more of a tart person, lol) My family bought 4 cups and we paid roughly $12. Yes, it probably comes out to the same price as yogurberry, but, we each had like 3 flavors in our cup with at least 2 toppings. loved it! (i think the last time i went there, they increased their prices though, not sure)

    3. Yogurt place? corner of white/fruit. just like tutti fruitti. more cents per oz. but, they give out coupons. i.e. $1 off, or 20% off.

    Tried Jolly Jogurt and Yogurt place – they were okay. The strawberry flavor was more on the sweeter side than tart (literally like frozen yoplait or something, lol). Although, not bad, not my first choice for frozen yogurt.

    One thing: Toppings are pretty standard across the board. So, it really wouldn’t matter where you went.

    after writing this i came to one conclusion: more research to follow! hehe

  5. janet2000 on

    Pinkberry is a bit tangy for me, although the hubby loves it. I like Golden Spoon.

  6. jaynepomuceno on

    Nice job, Zaza! You’re right, there’s so much research to do! The one on Fruit is Fruit Yogurt. They do have good coupons, which is the reason it is the yogurt place we frequent the most. Still, to me, it’s more like soft serve. I definitely need to try your top two choices.

  7. jenmarie on

    Let me know if anyone tries Red Mango! I’ve heard they’re like Pinkberry but a little cheaper, and they have a rewards card! Zaz, I used to love those types of places too, till I went to Pinkberry. lol, I haven’t been to another yogurt place since! I don’t ever do toppings though, so mine’s always a little cheaper. 🙂 – and the one in Azusa is the cheapest actually since they are the only store so far that charges the same for all the flavors (at least they told me they are the only store testing it)

  8. L.A. Food Bloggin on

    Pinkberry is nice, but Red Mango is the best! There’s one by USC if you’re ever conducting research downtown. They also have great probiotic teas. I don’t know exactly what that’s all about, but they taste good!

  9. jaynepomuceno on

    The Red Mango website is intriguing. We’ll see if they deliver on true yogurt tanginess. Took the fam to research Golden Spoon tonight. Overpriced soft serve, in my humble opinion.

  10. S.J. on

    OOOO! I love Fro-Yo!! Sorry I mean, “frozen yogert”. lol *sigh* good stuff…
    Pinkberry… my first Fro-Yo experience. 🙂

  11. zaza on

    Tutti Fruitti let down in wesco. so sad!

  12. jaynepomuceno on

    What happened, Zaz, try a new flavor?

  13. Matthew on

    I agree with Tutti Frutti being a let down. People are really paying for runny sugar water. Pinkberry is hands down the best tasting frozen yogurt out of every single yogurt place. They use the highest quality ingredients and you can sure taste it.

  14. jaynepomuceno on

    Thanks for stopping by, Matthew! Yeah, nothing has even come close to Pinkberry.

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