I Go a Fishing…

1101730813_400My BBQ Honey and I fly out to Minnesota bright and early Monday morning to celebrate my crowning as “The Best Famous Fan in America“.  They’re putting us up in the uber-posh Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis!  Monday afternoon we have dinner with Famous Dave at the Roseville restaurant then head over to the Minnesota State Fair.  There I make a celebrity appearance at the Famous Dave’s booth (I’m trying not to let my new found stardom get to my Famous head).  We’ll also have some free time to just enjoy the fair.  Think we’ll be visiting the SPAM booth?  You betcha!  Ferris wheel?  No way, too scary.

On Tuesday, we’re going to be hanging out with an old college buddy in Elk River who’ll be taking us out on his boat for some northwoods lake fishing.  He mentioned the possibility of Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike, which would be suh-weet!  There are also some youth group alumni in the area we might get a chance to kick it with.  Then we’re back Wednesday night.

Thanks again to all those who participated in my campaign!


7 comments so far

  1. Renae on

    I hope you have an awesome trip. Once again congratulations!

  2. minnemom on

    This just sounds like too much fun for you–I’m still debating–may brave the fair again and come up and say hi tomorrow. Hope you have a great time in Minnesota!

  3. Jen on

    Ha ha, love that magazine cover. Minnesota’s pretty…I have some pretty fun/interesting memories from a few trips up there… You’re lucky you’re escaping this crazy So Cal heat! I seriously can’t wait for my turn to escape!

  4. Becka on

    Going fishing, huh? Hmm… I’ll try not to doubt your spirituality. lol

  5. minnemom on

    Hey, Jay, it was great to meet you yesterday. Hope you had an enjoyable time in Minnesota. Wasn’t it fun to meet Famous Dave?

  6. jaynepomuceno on

    Linda, yeah, Famous Dave really is a great guy. Very nice to meet you and the kids!

  7. Josh H. on

    Jay-Congrats again, hope you had a blast! And to answer your question you posted on my blog, no I haven’t received my prize yet.

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