Bad Sports Advice


Well meaning, but mis-informed, coaches will so often pass on terrible advice.  Dangerous advice, really.  We’ve all experienced the debilitating “side-stitch”, that piercing sharp pain in your side most of us call stomach cramps.  They’re caused by drinking fluids, right?


Oh, so very dangerously wrong!  First, consider what a stomach cramp is: a muscle cramp!  What causes muscle cramps?  Over-exertion after an extended period of inactivity is one possible cause.  Nutritional deficiencies can be another.  But the most common cause of muscle cramps (whether they be in your leg or abdomen): dehydration.  If you’re feeling the sensation of thirst, it’s for a very important reason.  It’s all part of God’s miraculous design.  Your body is in need of water and it’s telling you to get some.  It’s not that your mouth is in need of a gargle.  You’ve been sweating.  Your body temp has risen just a bit.  Think about it, you’ve lost water, and it needs to be replaced.  If anyone tells you to swish the water inside your mouth and spit it out so you don’t get stomach cramps, you must ignore them.  I’m not telling you to argue with them or disrespect them.  But you can’t follow that advice.

You young athletes who are working hard, giving it all you’ve got, DRINK YOUR WATER, DON’T JUST GARGLE IT!  If you don’t trust me, here are a couple articles from reputable sources that will hopefully convince you.


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  1. Renae on

    I live by the saying “If you are thirsty you are already dehydrated” Now I may not drink the right amount of water, but I do try to drink enough to stay hydrated.

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