C’mon, Norv!

Can I rant for just a bit?

norv-turnerNow that I’ve gotten over my Porto’s euphoria, the reality of last week’s Chargers loss is really getting to me again. At the end of the game, down 31-26, Philip Rivers continued to pick apart that vaunted Ravens defense. When it was all said and done, #17 torched them for 436 yards. That never happens to the Ravens. Rivers showed why he’s easily among the top three QBs in the NFL and 6-5 Vincent Jackson is starting to look like a buff Randy Moss. Deep in Ravens territory, it’s 4th and 2, and the Chargers line up in the “I” formation and attempt to run up the middle for the first down.


Did Norv Turner forget that he’d be running right at Pro Bowler Haloti Ngata and first ballot Hall of Famer Ray Lewis?  Did Norv Turner forget that he had an inexperienced 2nd teamer manning the center spot?  Did Norv Turner forget that Darren Sproles is about the same size as some of my Jr. High girls?

Maybe you make that call with a healthy first ballot Hall of Famer L.T. taking the hand off and Pro Bowl center Nick Hardwick keeping a keen eye on Ray Lewis.  Maybe.  Or maybe you remember Philip Rivers is red hot and Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd are both 6-5 and Antonio Gates is 6-4.  They marched down the field with ease, throwing for two yards would’ve been a cinch.

I need a Porto’s Cheese Roll.


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  1. Renae on

    lol… I can see your addiction coming out at the end. 🙂 Sorry your team isn’t doing the best!

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